Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Exes: Being Enough

Leah Remini was a fun addition, but as I've mentioned before, she's really pulling the female character focus away from Holly (who was sidelined with the B-plot this episode) and Eden (who was all but absent this time). Now that she's getting back on her feet, you'd think she'd be around less... except the writers have her working in the frequented favorite watering hole of the main cast, so she'll have to keep popping up. With the season finale next week, something big could happen, but I'd go ahead and plan on having Nicki around next season, about which I (and obviously many others) have mixed feelings.
The Exes "My Fair Stuart" (S03E19): Stuart is about to made a partner in a large dental firm, but first he needs to attend a dinner with the partners and their wives. He arranges for a French date, but she has to go to Paris for business at the last minute, so he's left floundering around. Nicki offers to accompany him, but he asks Holly... only she can't go, having represented one of the partner's ex-wives in a divorce settlement. [ha!] He then considers Eden, but she's currently wearing an eyepatch, so back to Nicki he goes. [catch a champagne cork in your mouth?? I'd be afraid of knocking out my teeth! those things fly off with such brute force!] He even picks her up a kate spade dress, tells her to go by Nicole, and wants her to pretend she's a sommelier. [wow! that's a fancy job to wing!] Then, he wants her to speak without her native accent, so she starts to become frustrated. [haha, remember when Carrie tried to ditch the accent on King of Queens?] At the party, she offers to teach the hosts' son how to dance, but when it goes well and Stuart is still terrified that she'll mess things up for him, she dumps him, but not before the truth comes out that they are siblings. [learn to dance with a crowd watching?? unbelievable. tho, clearly the boy knew how to dance, so the whole thing was ridiculous.]

Phil finds out that he may have impregnated a woman, and decides that a vasectomy may be for him. Haskell thinks it'll help him sleep around more, so they decide to do it together. [I feel like this story has been done before, too, I just can't place it...] Holly makes it her mission to convince the guys that they might eventually want children, but it turns out that neither really goes through with it anyway. [that was a random Sonic product placement!] 
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