Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Going Against the Grain

I didn't do a lot of Mom-and-Me time growing up, but a three-year-old getting a mani-pedi would definitely not have been something I did, and I find it incredibly odd that Leah took Aleeah for one. She's not rolling in money, and I'm not sure how "quality" the time they're spending together is, as the little girl seemed so distracted by everything going on. Of course, I also don't really think there was a need to spend extra time with Aleeah because of Ali's doctor's appointment, but I don't have preschoolers, so what do I know? Elsewhere, Kailyn, Chelsea, and Jenelle all continue to do what they want to do, even if it will potentially cause problems later (moving without the court's approval could mean moving back again, skipping school can't be good when you're not a great student anyway, and deciding to conceive shortly after having an abortion has got to be the most nonsensical idea I've heard in a while!). But, at least the kids are cute!
Teen Mom 2 "You Got Me" (S05E05): It's likely still summer for Leah, as November is in the future and there's talks of the girls starting preschool. It's a week later for Chelsea than last episode. no big time-markers for the other girls.

Kailyn: Their offer on the house is accepted, though the move has not been approved by the courts yet. [pumpkin wedding cake. as happy as I would be, that's not a people-pleaser flavor, so I wouldn't go mainstream wedding cake with it.] They go ahead with the move two hours away, though. [cool Toy Story playthings! but is Kailyn not concerned that Isaac will spill the beans to Jo? I mean, he'll probably mention having a new room!]

Leah: Her friend, Kayla, got married out of the blue and moves to Las Vegas, where her new husband is stationed. Jeremy is away working, but has been getting bad headaches and has been dizzy. As Leah continues to look at a place where they could have horses, she decides that they'll live in a double-wide trailer until they can sell their current home and buy a pre-fab house. [more commonly done on television than in real life, I think. LoL.] Corey and his dad talk about not wanting Ali to use a wheelchair until she absolutely needs it, though it's going to arrive in November.

: She takes Jace for a swim lesson, then asks Barbara if he can come to Nathan's football game. But, Jace has been sick, so Barbara says no. [and, of course, Jenelle doesn't take that seriously.] Then, Nathan and Jenelle decide to go off birth control to try to have a baby. [o.m.g.] They tell Barbara the next day, and she doesn't freak out at them. [I freaked out more than Barbara did! and I laughed hardcore at Nathan's "I'm gonna be with Jenelle for the rest of my life."] Jenelle then tells one of her friends, who asks some serious questions... like, what if Jenelle is sentenced to jail time when her trial comes up? [I can't even wrap my mind around that possibility!]

Chelsea: Her birthday (and Aubree's first day of preschool) was a week ago, but Chelsea wants to go to Los Angeles with a friend to celebrate. [what is depressing about turning 22??] They skip school, leave the kids behind, and go rollerblading near the beach in California. [Chelsea had never tried rollerblading previously - look at all the fun things you miss out on when you have a baby in high school!] They have drinks, but that's about all the audience sees them do on the trip. [seriously... what else did they do?? they sure packed a ton!!] 
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