Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Switched at Birth: Why These Characters?

John and Kathryn having a rough time doesn't particularly interest me, but because of the multitude of characters on this series, I understand that my favorites cannot be at the forefront at all times. Still, there were some notable absences in the latest episodes, especially at a celebration party. Why wouldn't Kathryn have invited Angelo or any other friends? Daphne hanging with ANOTHER new crowd was strange as well... why can't she find a group and create a posse? Bay and Toby aren't able to do that well, either, which is a very odd dynamic for teenagers. Obviously, Bay's hand will be an ongoing story, as will Daphne juggling Jorge and Campbell, but we've got to get back to some of the bigger issues, like the drama at Carlton, John's political career, and Regina working for Wes.

Switched at Birth "Have You Really the Courage" (S03E05): Toby is moving the same weekend that Kathryn is scheduled to be in New York and John in Nashville, but John decides to stay and help his son move. Nikki's mom, Jennice, also helps, and lets John know that Nicki is probably going to stay in Peru another six months, which Toby doesn't know. [she tells her mother things that she doesn't tell her husband? that's not gonna work!] John tells his son, who immediately starts trying to reach Nikki. Toby then tells Bay, so it's soon no secret. Later, John admits to Jennice that he's losing favor in the political world, and she winds up kissing him, which Regina sees. [so... Jennice is lonely? slutty? what?]

Tank brings some paintbrushes over to Bay and meets Daphne, who thinks the jocks crushing on the artist. Bay tries to come up with something unique about herself for her college application, and realizes that field hockey would make her stand out... so she wants to re-join the team. Toby tells her no, but decides to let her try being the goalie. [when you have no other options...] She turns to Tank for some extra help, then agrees to get BBQ with him afterward. [haha, Toby pays some defensive players with car detail coupons!] Bay gets out of a dinner date by suggesting everyone go to Toby's new place for a pizza party to celebrate a great practice. [Tank having a few of his friends come cheer on Bay at practice was adorable! who throws a pizza party for a good practice, though?] She admits that she doesn't "like" him that way, but when she tries to go after him as he leaves, she trips, breaking her beer bottle and cutting her hand badly. [omg!] The paramedics arrive, and Toby calls John to meet them at the hospital.

When Daphne goes to pick up Sharee, she begins learning of her homelife problems. Sharee soon asks to borrow Daphne's car to look for her mom, who didn't show up for work and isn't answering her phone. [her mother's place of employment called Sharee?] Daphne reluctantly lets her, but when she's gone for hours, Daphne and Regina go to look for her, and soon learn that Sharee's mother has a mental illness. [she's possibly manic-depressive?] The woman invites them in for gumbo, but things get awkward when there's a mess inside, and Sharee begs Daphne not to tell anyone, though the teen knows this cannot remain a secret. [I kinda dread seeing where this storyline goes...]

In New York, Kathryn learns that Renzo's friend hates being pushed on book ideas, and the idea of trying new sports in your forties is a concept that the publisher has already bought. [if Renzo knew his pal hates this, why is he doing it??] Kathryn is afraid that she'll have nothing to do when the kids grow up if she's not a writer, but after some drinking, she opens up about the wild lives of baseball players and their wives, which could be a best-selling book. [omg! she shouldn't reveal that sort of stuff!]

Switched at Birth "The Scream" (S03E06): Tank comes over to see Bay, and meets John, who takes a liking to him. [of course the professional baseball player likes an athlete, haha!] Kathryn and Renzo plan to throw a party in celebration of the new book, but Kathryn hasn't told John about the topic of the novel yet. [oh boy!] It's a murder-mystery party, with Adriana being "poisoned." [I loved that she still wanted to take part, though!] John stumbles upon a sample chapter when looking for a will, and asks Kathryn about it. Meanwhile, Bay takes Tank to her room and they start kissing, deciding to have a relationship after all.
Bay fishes for an invite to a frat luau she learned about from Marybeth, and he admits that the party has a theme of bringing the ugliest girls. [eye roll.] Bay breaks up with him for belonging to a fraternity that does such things (even if he tries to get the party shut down), and leaves the party to tell Marybeth. [well, that was fast!]

Daphne isn't at the party because she throws a 21st birthday party for Campbell. [a shame it couldn't stay a surprise, though.] Gretchen is there, but the bigger problem is that his friends chip in and get him an adaptive snowboard, which could be dangerous to the still-recovering Campbell. Jorge and Daphne talk him out of going, and she winds up between the two of them, as she has feelings for both. [her love life is the least interesting thing about this show! enough already!] 

Back at the party, Regina tells Jennice to back off, so Jennice tells John that Regina knows about the kiss. Well, Kathryn overhears, ending the party because of the news and throwing out John, who turns to Toby when he can't check-in to a hotel alone. [ha! the problems in politics!]
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