Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cake Boss: Bigger and Bigger

Do you guys remember when Joe was supposed to decide between the bakery and the firehouse? Guess he managed to find a way to make both careers work! And, props if you remember the firetruck cake Buddy references, which happened two episodes before my first recap of the show. Anyway, although the new firetruck cake is leaps and bounds more advanced that the one five years ago, it also must be hugely more expensive. In fact, with a lot of the cakes that have been showcased on the series lately, I've been wondering what prices people are paying for garbage disposal cakes, hydraulic car cakes, and more... especially when so many of the customers make comments regarding how the bakery went above and beyond their wildest dreams!

Cake Boss "Fiery Competition" (S06E27): Joey is a lieutenant at the fire station now, so Grace throws a party and the guys make a special cake, complete with real working hoses that put out a flambe on top of the cake. [I still don't completely believe it was fully edible after all of that!] As they build the masterpiece, they learn that the ladder is too close to the cake to reach the top of the building, so they must reposition it. [moving ladders = awesome.]
Buddy does a cake for a charity bocce tournament, and they use cake balls to make the bocce balls. The bakery also enters a team, consisting of Buddy, Mauro, Joey, and Lisa's dad, Mauro, who has a bocce ball court in his backyard. [I didn't realize Lisa's dad sold the pizza parlor and worked in the bakery. or maybe I forgot? it explains why Lisa's brother, Anthony, is still around, though!]
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