Tuesday, January 7, 2014

RETURNING: Cake Boss: Gators, Guitars, Mariachis, Cars

Back again with episodes taking place last Spring/Summer, as I *think* Sofia has a summer birthday (July?) but Willie's birthday is in April. Other clear markers like Cinco de Mayo exist, but it doesn't much matter how TLC decides to piece the cakes together for the most part. Ashley getting married will be a big factor in this half of the season, as will Buddy's mother's outcome from having the experimental procedure done for her ALS. The show has really gotten cut and dried at this point, and you know what to expect - it's more of how-did-they? than anything else if you're a longtime viewer. In the first four episodes of this session, I think the cake that stood out to me most was the car cake, but I didn't think the look was as impressive as the action. The gator cake was lifelike, but I tend not to enjoy the carved cakes as much as the layered ones, so I'm inclined to choose the spa cake, really. You?

The Cake Boss "Gator Bite" (S06E17): The Adventure Aquarium asks for a life-size cake for a 14-foot, 800-pound alligator! Buddy is allowed into the exhibit to help with a feeding so that he can really understand how gigantic the animal is, and that inspires him to make the cake's mouth open and close. [I bet!] They work hard on the textures and colors, and when it's all said and done, it's 16 feet long and weighs 1,000 pounds! Buddy says it belongs in their "Top Ten Cakes" list. [I's really love to know what else makes that list!!]
The 2010 Mrs. New Jersey asks for a cake to give the pageant director. It needs to be classy and glamorous, but she has no other guidelines other than suggesting incorporating the looks of the sash and tiara. Buddy pipes and adds bling to the design, but it's not enough for her, as she wants more va-va-voom. [eye roll!] He wipes the piping off the fondant and she watches as the new vision comes together. She then thinks it looks too plain, and asks for roses, so she gets roses. [I was so sick of her by the end! next time, hit the internet, find some ideas, and bring them with you!]

At the St. Francis Church in Hoboken, Momma prays for the stem cells from her brother, Dominic, to help heal her ALS. Mary also goes with them to Israel, and Skypes Buddy and the other sisters with information. Momma is very weak, but it takes 3-4 weeks to see improvement, so only time will tell. [hoping for the best!] 

The Cake Boss "On the Road Again" (S06E18): The bakery is charged with creating a replica guitar for Willie Nelson's 80th birthday. [I had no idea he had been playing the same guitar for 40 years!] It takes time to get "Trigger" to look dinged up, have engraved names, and get the hole with the puffing smoke just right, but the cake is one-of-a-kind with potato chips, popcorn, and pretzels in the chocolate fudge filling as a "munchie food" thing! [that sounds kinda gross, but whatever.] There are also cave drawings on it to poke fun at how long Willie has been playing. [I thought that was random.] Buddy, however, is unable to deliver the cake because WifeLisa is being honored the same night for her charitable work with the Make a Wish Foundation, so he sends a cardboard cut-out of himself to photograph with the legend. [okay, who else thought this was really weird??]

Sophia turns 10, and she's into gymnastics and girly things like makeup. She gets a bright pink cake with a cheetah pattern, ruffly flowers, and makeup. [anyone think it was weird that she's into it but not allowed to wear it? or is that a phase I just skipped as a child?] She wants a cell phone, and though WifeLisa is skeptical, Buddy gets it for her, with the rules that no boys can call, and she can't use it after 9pm. [I can't even imagine having a phone at 10!]

The Cake Boss
"Viva Cake Boss" (S06E19):
A mariachi band wants a cake for a Cinco de Mayo party, and Buddy will need to dress as a mariachi and sing "La Bamba" upon delivery. [apparently Buddy sings?] Buddy wants to do a bigger/fancier cake than the customers asked for (even though they had a specific vision), with lots of detailed cut-outs and decorations, but at least they seem happy. [the personalized sombrero was a cool touch.]

The salon where Frankie gets his hair cut is opening a new location across the street from the Ridgewood location and wants a special cake. [did they barter makeovers for the cake?] WifeLisa becomes a redheard, SisterLisa gets her hair straightened, Grace gets more volume, Madeleine gets extensions, and Mary... has very little changed. [Madeleine looked so different!] Buddy likes the red on his wife much better than she does. The cake has a flattened pebble layer, a tranquil turquoise layer, and a trendy black leather layer. [cool concept.]

The Cake Boss
"Pimp My Cake" (S06E20):
Some car guys want a lowrider cake that uses hydraulics. Ralph is very skeptical of the bouncing system, wondering if it will be stable enough, but it works in the end!

An event guy wants a Roman cake, so they go with modeling chocolate columns. [really straightforward project, I wonder why they chose to include it on the show?]

Buddy's lower back has been bothering him, so he sees a physical therapist, who encourages him to try yoga. He and some of the bakery folks try it, but not everyone takes it seriously. [no real surprise, LoL.]
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