Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trophy Wife: Dating, Drinking, and Driving... not at the same time

Bad parenting bothers me quite a bit. So, you can imagine my disgust at the idea that four parents all manage to behave terribly enough to ruin the Christmas for three kids. It appears to take them quite a while to put together the events of the previous night, and, considering everyone is 30+ (as that's Kate's age), that's downright ridiculous! Diane having a secret relationship, while immature, made sense to me, though. I could understand not wanting to be seen failing at multiple relationships. A birthday curse is an idea that has been played up on television before, but Peter perhaps had some of the worst luck (not getting to drive the rented Ferrari??). I think the best moment in the past few episodes was Kate realizing that she was "okay" with not going out all the time anymore... that's a huge thing for a lot of people our age (I say this even though I feel much younger than she seems!).

Trophy Wife "Russ Bradley Morrison" (S01E09): Pete is sick, so Kate has to chaperone Warren's field trip with Diane. Kate isn't happy that Diane is mean to her, and Warren suggests that his mother "get some," without knowing what that means. [ha!] Kate agrees, and spends the morning trying to find a good match for the uptight doctor. [LoL at Warren helping find potential suitors for his mother!] Kate finds a good match... so good, in fact, that he and Diane have been secretly seeing one another for two years, and she is choosing to stay mum to make sure nobody knows of another potential failed relationship. [ouch. that's the sort of thing I hate, but can understand.] Diane winds up admitting in front of the students that she enjoys "talking" to Russ Bradley, which is a big step for her.
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Jackie is left to care for the sick Pete, and although her leaf-and-mushroom juicing combined with forbidding him from electronic devices makes him miserable, the codeine tea really sends him over the edge. Meanwhile, Bert turns to Hillary when he has been losing his recess as school. She had the same teacher years prior, and tries to help. [how did they have time to bake cupcakes from scratch before school??] The teacher finds Hillary to be a suck-up, though, and advises Bert not to follow in her footsteps. [hahahahaha!!!] Bert tells Hillary, who heads down to the school to tell the teacher that she's a go-getter who will make it in this world. [I couldn't imagine telling off a teacher like that when I was a teenager!]

Trophy Wife "Twas the Night Before Christmas... or Twas It" (S01E10): It's Christmas morning and Pete's house is in absolute chaos, complete with a wolf in the living room and the presents MIA. [what the...??!?] The adults are all hungover as the children wake up, and everyone helps to piece together the events of the previous 12 hours. It all began with Kate's mulled wine, which Bert spiked with a bottle of absinthe. [yeah, that was a ridiculous twist!] Pete shredded a big case and calls his boss 16 times, but luckily didn't quit! Diane let the wolf into the house, believing it was a dog, which the older children really wanted. [I don't understand how people kept thinking that was a domesticated dog!!] Jackie stole three Virgin Marys from a neighbor. Diane and Kate made Jackie's eyebrows into those of an elf, then went to take a picture and wound up lighting the tree on fire. [holy cow!] Pete hauled the tree out to the pool to put a halt to the fire, then dressed as Santa and tossed the toys down the chimney. Meg and one of Warren's teachers also came over at one point. [one of the more drastic pulls from the main story, but okay.]

Trophy Wife "The Big 5-0" (S01E11): It's Pete's 50th birthday, but he prefers to celebrate the day before, because his birthday is cursed. [Meg's gift basket of old people stuff was kinda funny. and impressively well thought out for her! I did laugh that she shops in Kate's kitchen, though.] Kate tries to make the actual day a memorable one, but she almost embarrasses him in front of some colleagues, then accidentally distracts him so he rear-ends a police car. [that's really gotta suck!] The officer sends him straight to the DMV to renew his license, but he's due for a road test, too, and Kate took the car. [I'd be mortified if my spouse was mistaken for my child!!] Kate pulls up in a Ferrari for Pete to use, but as he doesn't know how to parallel park, so he fails and doesn't get to drive the car. [!!] They head for some good food, but it's too noisy and they last a minute. [why would a place that loud be known for its food anyway??] They head to another bar, but while dancing, Kate's trenchcoat flies open, revealing her in the nude. [I really didn't think people did the naked-under-a-trenchcoat thing anymore!]

Meanwhile, the rest of the characters have their own adventures all day... Jackie goes to Diane's office to ask for money for the gift from the kids (enormous windchimes), but Diane doesn't accept the gift, so they leave to return it. [Diane is my favorite character sometimes, you guys!] Diane has to be pushy for a refund, but the day only gets worse when they arrive at a spa to buy Pete a certificate for a massage. They get talked into a couple's massage, then get kicked out when they cause a scene, forcing them back to the original shoppe to re-purchase the chimes.

And, the kids open a perishable package that comes for Pete before school... it's live lobsters! Warren doesn't close the lid tightly, and they have to go on a hunt when they get home. Bert wants them as pets, not dinner, so the other kids break it to him that a lot of foods come from animals. [ya gotta learn some time! I think he's kinda old not to know that, actually.]
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