Thursday, February 13, 2014

Melissa & Joey: Together, Apart, and Everything in Between

Now that Melissa and Joey are dating, Lennox and Zander aren't, and Ryder's back in school, there are bound to be some big changes on this show. However, I wasn't expecting teen pregnancy to pop up, or Joe to not realize how problematic it could be for him to speak his mind to the press now that he's publicly attached to a politician. Lennox having typical teenage girl drama instead of advanced and unbelievable plots is good, albeit somewhat annoying.

The most intriguing topic broached lately, however, is that of collective punishment. You know, that thing that gets the entire class silent lunch when a few people are talking out of turn, or loses everyone a casual Friday because of inappropriate office behavior. I've waffled on my opinions on collective punishment my entire life, but now that I've enacted it upon my classes, I have to admit that I'm not a fan. What do you think?

Melissa & Joey "Independence Day" (S03E18): Mel and Joe go on their first date, but she wants more courting (with flowers and candy) than he thinks is necessary. Still, he goes with it but to the extreme, deciding he should live somewhere else and work for someone else. [I can see his reasoning, but it's all a little fast, no?] Mel wants him to get a nice place so she offers to chip in on rent... but he just works longer hours as a gourmet Italian food buyer. This backfires, as Mel comes to see him at the shoppe (under the guise of getting more of her favorite wine), and they wind up making out, getting him fired. [that sucks. seriously, though, people, be professional in the workplace!] So, Joe finds a job as a live-in nanny in the neighborhood. [we all know that Skype won't keep these two together, though.] 

Melissa & Joey "The New Deal" (S03E19): Ryder is able to return to school (he's been suspended all season), but he's immediately pegged as a loser when he's on the television news for witnessing an armed robbery, but they cut off his comments. It all works out in the end, however, as someone cuts the clip, uploads it to the internet, and Ryder gets a cut of the money being made on it!
Joe gets stuck working instead of going on a date with Mel, so Ryder makes whipped cream and pretzels for dinner. [how very Snoopy!] The next night, Joe rushes dinner, angering Mel. She goes over to his place to apologize, and they drink wine in sippy cups. [how awkward and inappropriate!] However, there's a no-guest policy, so Mel has to hide in a hurry. The situation turns her on, and they become intimate, which the owner of the house hears because of the baby monitor. [how many shows have done this? boring!] Joe tries to apologize, but the mother WANTS to hear more passion, so Joe quits and moves back in with Mel and the kids, this time paying rent. [so... Mel pays Joe and he pays her right back? not the best strategy.]  

Melissa & Joey "Feel the Burn" (S03E20): Mel has been working out so that she won't feel guilty about have a ten-course meal at a gourmet restaurant. Joe offers to train her, but Mel doesn't want him seeing her sweaty and nasty. [I can totally relate. I hate going to the gym with my husband.] When her instructor gets arrested, she decides to bring her class from the park to Joe's space, but winds up dropping when Joe is tough on everyone. This causes her to struggle to get in the mood for a romantic date, but they just pause the fight until later. [when we were first married, we did that... now, arguments have to end before we can move on, LoL.] At the restaurant, Joe finds the salmon uncooked, but Mel believes it is seared properly. Joe insists on cooking the fish more, and gets kicked out. [I can't believe he thought he knew better than the chef! nobody said you HAD to eat it, Joe!] Mel wants to stay for the experience, but decides to leave, too, in support of her man. [I would have stayed... it was a $400 meal!]

Lennox and Xander publish their web series, and get an offer to sell it. [nice!] Lennox is stuck on the fact that their long-distance relationship will fail, so she tries to create some rules, like not being exclusive constantly. [bad idea.] They wind up breaking up. [meh. I didn't like Zander much anyway.] 

Melissa & Joey "Plus One" (S03E21): Lennox is upset that Zander texts her nice things, and is annoyed that he is dragging out saying goodbye before leaving for college in Vermont. [that was an ugly animal print furry sweater!] He can't win with her - sometimes she wants to get back together, other times she wants her space. [I didn't like her blue sweater with the silver shoulders, either.] 

Ryder's lab partner is crushing on him, and Joe tells him to ask her out. He goes for it, but it takes some doing, as she's "very busy." [yeah, I'd be suspicious, too.] Turns out, she's a teen mom, so she brings her infant on the date. [oh! that's so crazy awkward! I can't imagine wanting to date someone who had a child, especially at such a young age!]

Mel takes Joe to his first political cocktail party, and although she remains neutral, he takes a stance on something to a reporter. [he's not ignorant... I'd love to know why he thought it was okay to take such a strong stance to the media!] Back home, she tells him that he needs to be cute and silent at events like that, but he wants to be more than "Michelle Obama." [ha! many years ago, I desired to be an arm-candy wife who recited poetry and played the harp and spoke only of history and literature at events such as these.] Then, she sends him to a baseball game so she can go to a ball alone, but he catches her. She tries to invite him at that point, but he goes to the game, so after a rude comment is made at the ball, she meets him there. [bleh necklace with that gown!.] At the game, Mel cheers for the away team, which winds up teaching Joe that sometimes it's better to keep you mouth shut!
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