Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Exes: Is Nicki Replacing Holly?

I thought that Eden getting a larger role in the show was a positive. I didn't think that the comedy needed ANOTHER new character, but I was willing to give Nicki a shot. The absence of Holly lately, however, really tips the scales and makes the show less enjoyable. If Holly and Nicki can't both enjoy screentime (or we ditch the newbie), I may have to reconsider my commitment to this show... which is sad because they just renewed it for another season. Another downside to Nicki's presence is that Stuart has also been neglected lately, in both quantity of storylines and the quality of them. Two episodes left in this season, however, so we'll see what happens!

The Exes "Starting Over" (S03E15): Phil had a one-night stand with a woman named Carol, but winds up repeatedly hanging out with the woman due to a series of unfortunate events. [kinda funny!] He even gets stuck talking to her dying grandmother and promising to take care of Carol and her son, Austin. Fortunately, this scares off Carol so he's off the hook. [while that worked, the wrap-up was not the greatest.]
Nicki is staying with Stuart and the guys as she gets back on her feet. [as much as I like Leah Remini, I'm not hugely loving her on this series.] Stuart's receptionist is put on bedrest, so Phil suggests he ask Nicki to fill in, though the siblings never worked well together growing up. Problems soon arise when she bears cleavage at work, doesn't want to listen to how he does things, gets t-shirts made, has Stuart's face plastered onto a bus, and puts up a Groupon deal, all in one morning. [yeah, I'd hate her, too.] Stuart winds up with an asthma attack, and it doesn't look like they'll be able to work together for long. [haha, "Coney Island Baby" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy."]

The new bartender downstairs invites Eden and Haskell to a play he's in: Twelve Angry Men, played in the nude. It's not a pretty sight, so Eden and Haskell decide to get him out of the bar and out of NYC. [seriously??] Haskell talks him into going for his dream, hoping to get Nicki his job and apartment, but winds up losing the opportunity to save her, as the bartender winds up breaking the news. On the bright side, Nicki is off Stuart's couch AND out of his office!

The Exes
"Friends Without Benefits" (S03E16): Eden tells Haskell to go for Nicki, but he keeps chickening out, then pretends a "Pete" likes her. [Remember when Niles pretended he liked "Phyllis" on Frasier?] Haskell winds up setting up Nicki with "Pete," and is hoping to swoop in and comfort her when she's "stood up." [remember Chandler doing this on Friends?] But, when an old pal of Haskell's, Pete, just happens to show up, the guy extorts Haskell because he likes Nicki, though he leaves when offered $78. [random!] Haskell tries to salvage Nicki's evening, but she feels blown off. He tries hard to tell her that he's into her, but she thinks they're talking in hypotheticals. [awwww. :(]

Stuart runs into an old neighbor and learns that Lorna has sold the house without letting him know. [that is rough.] When she won't even let him say goodbye to the house, Phil suggests he break in. [ha! Lorna changed the alarm code from their wedding date to the day she kicked Stuart out of the house!] Stuart spends a lot of time there, and he and Phil get trapped in a closet when Lorna shows up to be intimate there one last time. [gross! Phil constantly being paranoid about getting arrested after thinking his jaywalking ticket was racial profiling was funny, too.] 

The Exes "Nun Like it Hot" (S03E17): Nicki's old friend, Vanessa, is becoming a nun, but sleeps with Phil. It throws her for a loop, but after a period of doubt, she decides to go through with her vows. Nicki realizes it was Phil who caused this crisis for her friend, so she makes him admit to everyone in the bar that he's a dog. [I didn't really buy into this storyline.] 

Holly slips on bath beads in the tub and is injured, so Eden and Haskell get stuck waiting on her hand and foot. They fight over having to perform menial tasks for the woman, and eventually decide to put sleeping pills in her pudding. [holy cow! seriously not a bad idea, though.] But, when Holly won't chow down, Haskell ends up eating a little by accident, and Eden gobbles some too just to get out of working for Holly. [okay this was ten kinds of messed up!]

The Exes "When Haskell Met Sammy" (S03E18): Holly meets a pilot whose brother hits on Haskell. The four double-date the following evening, and Holly keeps the truth from her friend, though he eventually figures it out. [of course.] Unfortunately, he still likes the attention, so he rolls with it for a couple more days... until he winds up being able to play the victim when the guy decides to get back with his boyfriend! [I thought this was pretty funny. if nothing else, it was original!]  

Phil's old high school coach dies, and he's asked to speak at the funeral... only he hates funerals. [I feel like Stuart was written a bit out-of-character for the sake of the laughs here... no a fan.] Stuart convinces him to go, but Phil thinks that he needs some Valium to handle the experience... only he takes Viagra instead! [really? you thought "V" was enough of a label??] Stuart has to deliver the eulogy, but when it's obviously written by a black man, Phil is forced to get up and hold flowers in front of himself to speak... though of course he winds up revealing his "situation." [we al knew he would, though, so it wasn't very amusing.] 

Nicki wants to party with Eden, and they wake up the next morning in sailors' clothes. Turns out, they didn't have a wild night, they were soaking wet outside South Pacific, and the costume mistress lent them some costumes! [does anyone believe this could have occurred??]
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