Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Growing Up, Making Changes, and Moving

So, if I had to order the girls at this point by whom I'm most interested in continuing to hear about, it would go Leah, Kailyn, Chelsea, Jenelle. The complications of a special needs child are interesting and something that isn't over-covered on television. Having two children by two different fathers and potentially living with neither of them is pretty unique as well. Continuing to flail about as you fail to make a career for yourself is ridiculous and unamusing, as is not caring about seeing your child regularly. It's no secret that I've long lost any interest in Jenelle, and, similarly, Leah has long been my favorite of this bunch, but at some point MTV might as well back off and just let these girls live their lives...

Teen Mom 2 "Love Will Never Do Without You" (S05E02): It's June for Jenelle, but otherwise no obvious time-markers for the girls.

Kailyn: After an hour in court, the case over whether Kailyn can move to Delaware gets moved because of a jurisdiction mix-up. [how did that happen?]

Jenelle: She'll be dealing with her felony heroin charges in a few months, which could mean 8-21 months in prison. [that's a LONG time!] Jenelle has been talking to Nathan, whom she met on a dating app, for six weeks, and decides to meet him for mini-golf. He's an underwear model who goes to college and plays football. [yeah, I agree, sounds too good to be true.] She says that running off the New Jersey is the most bizarre thing she's ever done.
Chelsea: Her friend, Meagan, spends the night so they can head off to school on time. [shaving a guest the night before the first day certainly doesn't sound like the best way to get a good night's sleep!] But, Aubree is really tired in the morning and slows them down. They have a good first day, and with only a four-month program, it may go by fast.

Leah: They head to the Orlando area for a family vacation, staying at Villas at Fortune Place. Jeremy has been off work since Adalynn was born, so they make the most of the time they have together, going to the pool and Fun Spot. [the twins stuffing their bikini tops with tissues was disturbing. and look at Leah teaching Ali not to hold on during the roller coaster ride!] Leah wants Jeremy to do something different from working on pipelines so he can be home more, but he is good at what he does.

Teen Mom 2 "Keep Your Head Up" (S05E03): It's likely August for Chelsea, as Aubree is starting preschool. Otherwise, no great time-markers.

Kailyn: She's putting on extra weight for being 23 weeks along. Jo isn't at his parents' for drop-off, so Kailyn keeps Isaac with her when she goes to dinner. [that little boy looks SO MUCH like Jo!] Then, Jo gets upset that Kailyn keeps Isaac longer, and both parents see this as material for their lawyers. [eye roll!]

Jenelle: She continues to see Nathan, who impresses Barbara. [I roll my eyes a lot at Nathan.] Nathan soon asks Jenelle to move in, even though he lives an hour away from Barbara and Jace. [and, of course, that's not an issue for Jenelle.]

Chelsea: Adam accompanies her to a meeting about preschool, which Aubree is starting now that she's almost four years old. 

Leah: Leah takes Ali to a doctor's appointment three hours away, where they learn that Ullrich muscular dystrophy means Ali will get weaker. [awww.] She will need a power wheelchair to go to school, so she is fitted for one, even though COrey is in denial. Because her condition is so rare, Ali's parents are encouraged to let the researchers take blood and skin samples, but Leah and Corey don't jump on that.

Teen Mom 2 "Working Overtime" (S05E04): It's late August for Chelsea, as her birthday is August 29th (and Aubree's is September 7th), but otherwise not time-markers.

Kailyn: She and Javi look at houses and he finds one that would be a good fit for them, but Kailyn's move still hasn't been approved. They decide to move forward, and their offer is accepted. [well, this is going to get more complicated!]   

Jenelle: She decides to move in with Nathan in Myrtle Beach, and Barbara will let her have Jace for weekend overnights.  

Chelsea: It's her 22nd birthday, she lets Adam's parents take Aubree overnight, and she uses her mom as a guinea pig for a makeup test. [I didn't like the finished look.] Adam's second child is due to be born any day, though he is being a caring parent and goes to see Aubree on her first day of preschool.

Leah: Jeremy takes a month-long job eight hours away, while Leah decides to sell the house (they have a spiral staircase) and buy something in the country so they can have horses (to help with Ali's physical therapy). [the girls have an indoor trampoline at Corey's?] It will be 40 minutes away from her parents, though, which could be problematic. Leah wants to get Ali in school ASAP, tho it may be a year before Aleeah starts, but Corey still thinks that Ali will be fine.
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