Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Baby Valastro, Josie Turns 1, Jenelle to Jersey...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Commentaries this week include: Cake Boss19 Kids and Counting, Outrageous Kid Parties, Teen Mom 2, and Minute to Win It.

The Unpoppables (S01Exx): not this week. Episode 7 TBA.

Cake Boss (Baby Special) (S04E07): It's around Valentine's Day. The baby is due this week. The fourth child was unplanned, so they have to buy a lot of stuff all over again. haha, Buddy on the safari theme. They have a lot of godparent possibilities! Cute cake design for the baby shower cake! In Italy they do a baby shower for every baby? Not just the first one? Cool. The double-zero tip... I have a #2 and it's pretty tiny! 00 must be crazy-small!! Madeleine and Mauro are already godparents of Buddy's other kids. Mary and Grace acting like godparent is a Presidential election is funny! Grace & Joey, Mary & Joe, Lisa & Vinnie (a cousin) are the options. They pick out a hat and get Lisa thinks that jungle is too masculine for a nursery when they don't know the sex of the baby. Buddy's not a big diaper-changer. Ralph (which is indeed a 'ph' it seems... I've seen it with an 'f' and adopted it, apparently incorrectly for quite some time) the sculptor is painting? Joey and Grace "win" godparentship. "brushed embroidery" looked kinda weird... but in the end it looked nice. Who has the baby shower the week you're due?? Especially if you had early contractions! When Joey started dating Grace, Buddy was only 12, and Madeleine apparently did everything for him, LoL. 40 pounds of baby, LoL. February 13th baby shower. Cotton candy covering... that's different. oooh!!! Dana's there now!! Buddy's mom isn't at the shower, either? Buddy thinks of Sal, who passed away a couple weeks prior (January 30th, as I mentioned here). Madeleine gets roses delivered, so Grace gets on Joey, LoL. Joey follows the flower guy to the car and buys what's in the back, LoL!!! So cute! and pretty funny! It's a boy, Carlo Salvatore.. named after the bakery and Sal, Buddy's father's right-hand man. The baby visits the bakery before going home?? Cool, yet odd. 

Cake Boss (S04E08): The baby is already born in this episode, which I wasn't expecting. Two sons are only just over a year apart, so they're having a b'nai mitzvah, with a hockey theme. They want a hockey foosball table, with players that move. Frankie has a hookup to get the parts of a bubble-hockey table, LoL. The rendering is cool, but looks rather unstable to me. It's also pretty gigantic. 30-40 sheets in the base... ridiculous!! 1/3 of the daily business is pastries, cookies, etc. Mauro and Joey get put on making the cookies that Mauro and Buddy learned to make in Italy. Joey's been running the bakery area for 25 years! He definitely looks young for his age!! Anthony is selling burnt cookies. tsk tsk. "when in doubt, throw them out" is Joey's motto. Grinding all kinds of nuts and raisins into a paste... so different! Nice hockey players the crew sculpted! Grace is trying to act like a supervisor to everyone, LoL. 

19 Kids and Counting (S06E09): They wanted a cat because they have mouse problems, LoL. Watching Mackynzie and the cat was cute. I wonder how long it takes Anna to do her hair like that, LoL. The oldest kids are still out-of-town, so Josh and Anna invite over the remaining half of the family for dinner. Tacos - quick, easy, and little kids enjoy them. Priscilla helped with school, too, while she was there... that seemed a bit strange since there's only like four kids who are home who do school, LoL. Anna is at the beginning of her second trimester. After 2 years of marriage, Josh and Anna got a television at an auction. It's over the piano, which is interesting. I think it's funny that Mackynzie watches the show that the Duggars voiced, LoL. What was with Josh displaying his gut, LoL? The "belt clip malfunction" made me laugh. Awww...  it was Josie's first time being at Josh's house. The cat is called "Kitty," hahahaha. Seeing Josie with the cat was adorable. Michelle loves cats. Why was there a paper plate of guacamole?? Josh saying that he is "living proof" of Anna's fantastic cooking was kinda overstated, in my opinion. Michelle called Anna her "daughter-in-love," which I don't think we've heard on this show before, but I've heard it in real life, LoL. Jonathan from Indonesia... been there for a few weeks, but this is the first time we've seen him. He was John-David and Jana's translator when they were in Indonesia. He liked Jordyn the best, LoL. The welcome-home-party was cute. Grandma Duggar starting in on the laundry 15 minutes after the older Duggars got home was kinda sad, honestly. Jinger and Jessa talking about how many birthday parties they have around the house was interesting. I actually liked the pop-up that noted that Josie, Jordyn, and Mackynzie were all 1 year old for 8 days. Many times the pop-ups are so boring, LoL. Showing Josie uber-soiled was a gross moment, as well as Michelle talking about Josie's poo. Just a few clips of itty-bitty Josie, which was good, since I thought they might've tried to hit that too hard. It was cute to watch the little boy (Jackson?) not be sure whether anyone came over for Josie's party or not. 

Outrageous Kid Parties (S01E03): Cool... Jacksonville, FL. The youngest of three - a brother who is 18 and a brother who is 10, and Aniston (um, is she named after Jennifer??) is turning 8. She's funny and dramatic, and gets everything she wants. She's moody and a diva. She has a speech impediment and she's into entertaining. She wants a Rock Star party. The 10-year-old calls Aniston spoiled. Dad is out of town often, and the party for Aniston is planned late enough that Dad already knows he won't be able to make the party. Aniston wants a Hummer limo, a rollercoaster... Mom wants dress-up, dancing... The 10-year-old asks if he'll get a limo, and mom says she probably won't have money for it.  He's jealous. 100 people invited?? Mom's friends don't think the giant party is a good idea. The little girl lifting the plate to her face and taking a bite was funny. I can't decide if bringing along the brother to all of these planning meetings is a good thing or a bad thing... he's obviously jealous, but he's getting to help a tiny bit, like taste the cake options. Giant guitar cake... not the worst idea ever. I just saw an episode of DC Cupcakes that had a 9-foot guitar that glowed in the dark, LoL. Mom looks like she's going to tone it down, but Aniston complained, and Mom gave in. Why is the entrace so important?? It's not a wedding, yo. A modeling agency to learn poses and walks?? Just watch some TV!! The brother doing the walk was funny. Aniston saying that if her brother is mean, he won't be able to ride in the limo was harsh... I wonder what Mom would classify as "mean" to enforce this. Aniston just screamed a lot at the rock lesson. Mom calling her a "young Miley" is out of control... and I hope she's paying for a speech therapist! Her brother walking out on the rock lesson made Aniston cry... interesting. An HOA rep came by to tell Mom that the party is too big and crazy for the neighborhood. Interesting aspect that we hadn't seen in the other episodes. haha!! Dad found out about the party from the HOA people. The kids squealing on what Mom is planning was funny, and seeing Dad's face was intense. Mom rushed over to one of her friends, and asked her to have the party there. Her friend agreed, but when Mom talked about everything that was planned, she looks a bit freaked out. But, she keeps to her word and agrees to host it. What was with all of the colored hair extensions?? It looked SO FAKE. A few would've been much better. Especially if they were spread out more! haha, Dad decided to come and see it anyway!! The limo looked like the biggest waste of money!! "we were dancing, shaking our butts. We had drinks... and all that kind of stuff. Who wants to rock this party out?" are not appropriate things for an eight-year-old to say. This got me upset. They had shirts made with Aniston's face on them for the guests to wear? For real?? Again with the dumb "I saw a little Miley or a little Christina walking down the carpet." The brother got his very own cake, and he slammed his face into it... my mom would've killed me if I had done something like that! $1,000 on lights, $200 on the red carpet, paparazzi for $600, $500 on a temporary tattoo artist. This makes a $10,000 preliminary cost. Another $500 for the limo. $2500 for a 5-foot cake. $250 for the modeling lesson. $1500 for a rock band to write an original song for Aniston and teach her to sing it with them. $200 for a facial for an 8-year-old (and Mom). $1500 for hair and temp tattoos. That's $8750, but the total cost was $29,860. I imagine a large part of that was the rentals for the carnival rides and the fireworks, LoL.

Teen Mom 2 (S01E09): It's September at the beginning, and October otherwise (at least for Leah, LoL!).   
Jenelle: Why doesn't Kieffer have a job yet? When we first met him, he said it would be no problem with his skills. Jenelle takes Jace to the store, even though she's not supposed to leave the house with him. They're just gonna drive to Jersey... and she's going to tell her mom she's going to Myrtle Beach, haha. But they're going to use her credit card if there's any problems, haha. 
Kailyn: She tells Jo about how she's seeing someone else, and he kicks her out, like expected. She's staying with her mom for a little bit. Cool of Jo's brother to still watch Isaac without a problem. Jo wants his $600 back that he loaned her before she can have her stuff back. Kailyn's mom gets involved, but nothing changes. So Kailyn's mom calls the police. haha, the cops' faces are blurred out. 
Chelsea: Adam calling Aubree "the turd" wasn't cool. I was about to ask why they took two cars, but I forget... all these useless kids drive small cars. Silly small towns... you can't go to the county fair without running into people you "messed around" with. He's a ridiculous cheater. I'm still not sure why she ever let him back in, LoL. 
Leah: Ali got her glasses. Wedding is in less than a month. Corey watches the girls so Leah can go shopping for a gown. Both her mom and Corey's mom, plus her sister and a friend or two all went shopping... that's quite a crowd! The moms are trying to discourage the dress that Leah likes because of the cost... it's $1,000. Her mom okays it in the end. No abnormalities on the MRI. But her arms and legs are disproportionately short.It's recommended that they see a geneticist. The twins are 8 months old. Leah wants a second opinion on the MRI results. I loved Leah's purple eye makeup when she made the appt for the second opinion. It was cute to see everyone watching Ali to see if she could roll over from her belly to her back.

Minute to Win It (S02E31): Today we have the set-up for two couples challenging each other. 4 out of 7 wins $50,000 and keeps going for the million. Leila and Marcus, been together for 2 years. Laid-off teachers who want to start a family but don't have the money to do that. Ryan and Jennifer have been together 14 years, married for 8. They just had their fourth child and they don't have a fridge... have trouble making ends meet, etc. Apparently, they just keep their food in the garage, since it's cold in Detroit... LoL.
Game 1: Brew-ha-ha: 4 disposable coffee cups. Position them laying down, then roll the top one (it's on a slanted table) so that it sets off a chain reaction and the bottom one rolls off into a bucket. I don't remember this one, and I also don't like it. Marcus as a measured system, LoL. Both have a cup roll off the table so they start over. Jen's get stuck, Marcus' doesn't fall into the bucket, they try again. Jen gets stuck again. Marcus wins by like a half-second.
Game 2: Paper Dragon: swing your arms, each with a streamer attached. finish unrolling both first. The same people compete again. Looks like Marcus has a big lead, but he tires out and Jennifer wins.
Game 3: A Bit Dicey: Stack six dice onto a popsicle stick that you're holding in your mouth. Leila is saying that this is "her game" and she's up against Ryan. Ryan stumbles, then Leila does, and Ryan wins.
Game 4: Tipsy: balance three soda cans on the beveled edge, by drinking the right amount of soda to balance the can. Marcus and Jennifer go. Both know what they're doing, but Marcus is faster.
Game 5: Bouncer: Bounce a ping pong ball into 20 pint-glasses. Marcus & Ryan are up, and both think that they dominate in this game, LoL. Marcus wins.
Game 6: Bottle Neckin': Stack four 2-Liter bottles on top of one another. Ryan and Marcus go again. I was surprised with how quickly both guys were going. Ryan wins in the end.
Game 7: Paddle Poppers: Use ping-pong balls to knock over pin-pong paddles that are standing on tables like 10 feet away. Ryan versus Leila (who gets a sweet message of encouragement from her goddaughter/former student)... Leila finishes before Ryan knocks over any of them.
**This sends Ryan & Jennifer home, leaving Marcus & Leila to keep playing**
Game 8: Ker-Plink! or Plunk!: team game: bounce marbles into a small container inside a punch bowl of water. Get enough marbles in the cup that it sinks. They get in five, but that's not enough to sink the container. So, they go again. They do MUCH better, and get 10 in... but the cup still doesn't sink!! Looks like 12 is the magic number. So, they go again, with their final life. They don't make it, though the rim of the container was pretty much balancing on the surface of the water. They go home with $50,000. 

Wipeout (S04Exx):  Spring episodes (starting with #9) next week!
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Off season/Coming Up:
Kate Plus Eight (Season 2 returns on April 4th at 10pm)
Teen Mom (no idea)
16 and Pregnant (no idea)
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