Friday, March 11, 2011

A Drug that Makes Your Eyeballs Pop Out! (& More)

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Commentaries this week include: The Simpsons, Family Guy, House, Mr. Sunshine, and Hot in Cleveland.  

The Simpsons (S22E15): Strange image of Santa's Little Helper flying across on a doghouse, being shot at like Snoopy when he's the Red baron, was different. "I'm not here on a spitball scholarship" was amusing. Couch Gag Game was long and boring. Opening with a real roadrunner and a real coyote with the Warner Bros. music was funny. They don't notice the stone shaped like the Devil and an anvil?? Helicopters coming to give the guy an NEA check for his sculptures was very strange. Climbing up the ranger was silly and funny. "Fool's Porn" was pretty funny... really old French postcards, LoL. "you can't throw me out, I'm not dead yet, that's the deal," lol. "you're a fish tank!" haha. Breakfast was ridiculous. "I was wondering when that guy would state his name and occupation" haha. Arizona State Tri-Delts, haha. MusBeNys on the black market, haha. Bart getting into his luggage and getting away was funny. Abe's eyes falling out was gross. Wearing a snorkeling mask with saline solution was creepy. "Ironically on these novelty eyeglasses" was funny. People with various eye problems across town was gross, but slightly amusing (Newton's Cradle, for instance, LoL. or Burns doing the ball-in-a-cup with his eyeballs). "Their Can-Do will bail out our Won't-Try every time" hahahaha.

Family Guy (S09E12): Horrific scene of Peter dressing as Meg and telling the old woman that she didn't have a bedsore covering her back. "what Puerto Rican street gang?" "you're welcome" haha. The tube system to accelerate and brake was troubling. "Tardy" as a play on "retard" was not cool, Joe. "I just wanted to look sexy for Susie," um... geez. Thoughts of Susie were strange. Stewie-on-Stewie violence disturbed me. Brian's tail made me cover my eyes, and killing the woman driving the car made me gasp and throw my hands over my mouth. Meg acting like Bonnie creeped me out, too. Peter regularly prank calling Joe and Joe not knowing who it is? Really?? Bonnie does cocaine? OMG Meg is nursing the baby?? I did like the "oh no, oh no, oh no" "oh yeah" with the Kool-Aid Man. Meg is so creepy. And then she jumped out in front of his car so that she could be crippled just like him??!?!?!?!?!?! They really should have put her on suicide watch and gotten her some help. I saw the whole "which one is which" thing coming... "they're like leg-hands" ?? really?? The idea that Evil Stewie is still out there is even worse. And, I'm officially done with this show. I can't handle the violence, I don't like the sexual themes, and I'm not appreciating everything that it is insinuating. 

House, M.D. (S07E15): House hiding under the bed was so dumb. Cuddy and House panicking about blood in the urine was interesting. Strange intro. House bringing his whole team to see Cuddy was funny. A cutter... interesting. Depressed kid. House paid someone to get Cuddy's results, LoL. Taub was depressed in medical school... I can see that. Wilson commenting on Cuddy's skin was strange. Why is Wilson doing the ultrasound why? He's not a radiologist, last I checked. House hacked into Cuddy's schedule, LoL. I loved the chair that Cuddy was sitting in!! Taub gave the kid money to pay the bully... whoa. I was thinking he was going to volunteer to go to the kid's house and get the pills, LoL. The Two and a Half Men gag was pretty good. Taub told Martha about what he did? What is Martha wearing?? Orange shirt and a tie?? Why should Wilson be keeping Cuddy company? Nice that House had the realization that boyfriends need to make girlfriends feel better. I kinda thought that the elementary school kids taught him that last week. Chase's Corinthians joke was good. And Chase quotes anyway... nice. CREEPY yearbook!!!!! blech to the zombies. The cane-turned-gun was odd. And now Martha's creeping me out. House at Foreman's house!!?! Genius Rachel in Leave it to Beaver, LoL. The kid builds bombs... okaaaay... Good for you, Wilson, not playing House's game. Taub talking about the kid's videos to the parents wasn't exactly appropriate. Their reactions weren't what I was expecting. Did Martha trim her bangs? I don't like them in this episode. I didn't really care for the Wild West sequence. haha, House will keep it in his pants for a month after Cuddy dies, and she ups it to two months, LoL. I adored the musical sequence. It got a bit creepy at the end, though. The whole "Guess who doesn't have cancer? me. and also, you" thing wasn't cool. Interesting that Cuddy is also slightly allergic to antibiotics. I thought, for a second there, that House had a ring in the specimen jar, LoL. Interesting summary by Taub, I thought it was pretty intriguing. Cuddy realizing that House took Vicodin was interesting... I totally didn't see that... though I'm still not compltely clear on how she figured that out. I don't understand why Cuddy broke up him... he's an addict. He's going to mess up. I couldn't believe that Taub turned the kid in! And yet another episode that closes with House contemplating drugs... and taking them.

How I Met Your Mother (S06Exx): Episode 19 upcoming. 

Mr. Sunshine (S01E05): "My wife died." "I'm sorry, I didn't know." "you were at the funeral." oh, snap! And of course the creepy girl would have clothes that belonged to her high school English teacher. "I have Smurf history," oh geez. "Well, you had your chance with adorable & flawed," haha. Roman thinks that the sun and the moon are married?? Sleeping on popcorn... cool. Cotton candy pillow. "Why isn't he living with you?" "It's not like I have a candy room" haha.  "Big piece of blue vomit" was a bit far. Roman's night terrors were way freaky! Giving blood in your office? what?? "I don't like string between my teeth. I don't." haha. "I always give half a pint more than they say is safe," OH GOODNESS!! Roman is left-handed. Roman can do business math... cool. Mario Kart for Wii looks neat. Cup-hands?? Truth or Dare? Really?? Roman is afraid of Jello? like the guys on 3rd Rock from the Sun? LoL. Roman thought that knocking over lamps was "their thing" .... I laughed SO HARD! "This week Smurfs, next week Porn" ::shaking my head::  A homeless skate... Crystal is SO WACKY! Interesting that Roman and Crystal don't want to live together yet because it may be moving too quickly, LoL. "Let's live alone together" hahaha. two rules, and Roman can only "try" hahaha. Ben paid off the Smurfs?? Roman had some funny demands. And, Crystal the featured skater. ohhhhhh.... that's why Ben paid off the Smurfs, haha. So, is Ben really turning all "nice" already? We're only a few episodes in here, guys. :-/   um, it'a a semi-naughty show?? This show has a lot of conversation jokes, rather than one-liners. Different.

Better With You (S01Exx): Episode 17 coming up.

Hot in Cleveland (S02E08): I love it when the girls use their looks in Cleveland, LoL. Reminds me of high school. LoL, both Joy's fake marriage and real marriage possibilities fell apart. Perky, playful, puns... interesting. Elka teaching Melanie about basketball was funny, and Elka using it to get free tickets was funny, too. HAHAHAHAHA, Joy asking Elka about the pronunciation of LeBron's name and Elka says, "in this house, it's pronounced TRAITOR!" Sister wives... geez. Not a bad idea... a homeless man will get married to you to get a place to live, LoL. oooh... I don't know about changing her name to "Vicky Chase" instead... haha, a Cyrano scheme! "shower... like the piss of angels" hahaha. Elka freaking out when the coach says that he tried reverse psychology on LeBron was great. "that was a bigger disaster than the time that she ad-libbed her way through The Vagina Monologues," LoL. Doesn't the INS think that Joy is faking it when she's on her third engagement in like two or three months?? "I still can't ride th #23 bus" hahaha. haha on the "Heat" joke. haha, now the homeless guy is wearing the bluetooth headset and it's even funnier. an extension to file an appeal... that's the best she got? I liked the homeless guy saying "Vibrato," LoL.
[March 23rd is the mid-season finale]
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