Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Commencement Speaker, Comic Book Guy, and More...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The last time I talked about the news, I wrote a bit about Charlie Sheen. Well, so much has happened since then, I'm not going to attempt to cover all of the interviews and crazy things that have come out of his mouth. Sorry. I will note, however, that John Stamos is being considered as an add-on to the show. You know, since Charlie Sheen got fired from Two and a Half Men. And I can't help but say that there are a number of universities vying for a chance to have Charlie Sheen as a commencement speaker!! Oh, and also, if you want to be Charlie Sheen's summer intern, the application deadline is tomorrow. And (last one), he also has a comic book coming out.

Not that I'm 100% behind the idea, but if you watch your television via downloads (which may not technically be 100% legal), here's some information about how to set up shows to automatically download.

F/X is going to have a Superheroes pilot, called Powers. It's about homicide detectives, and it's based on a graphic novel series.

Hot in Cleveland got renewed for a third season. No word yet on Better with You, but it's not looking too good.

And, speaking of the deadlines for whether various shows will be canceled or renewed, the five major broadcast stations will know by May 19th. 

TLC's Extreme Couponing is back April 6th, for 12 episodes.

The How I Met Your Mother gang is going to have to fight for their booth at MacLaren's! And, they've been renewed for two more seasons, which many people believe will be the final two seasons for the show.

On a movie note, there are 27 planned sequel films to be released this year... that's the most ever. (got this one in EW magazine).

The History Channel has a reality show coming up about taxidermy. It's called Mounted in Alaska. It begins April 7th.

TLC has another new show... this one about that guy who weighed 1,000 pounds and they had to cut him out of his house to get him to the hospital. Now, he's like 600 pounds, and recently went to the second story of his house for the VERY FIRST TIME. I can't stomach the show, but if you're interested, it's called Heavily Ever After.
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