Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RETURNING: Teen Mom 2: More and More Drama

The girls are back!
Some time has passed since we last caught up with them, and each young lady now has new problems to address, some with help and others without. Money continues to be an issue for Kailyn and Jenelle, but at least addiction seems to be absent for now. Boy troubles, whether with current lovers or past, aren't at the forefront, either, which could be good. However, Jenelle is still getting nowhere in life, Kailyn is about to be a solo parent of two if she can't get approved to move to Delaware, Chelsea is still without a career, and Leah has three daughters to raise. The teasers suggest that a lot of drama is in store for each of these mothers this season, and we'll be here to recap what happens and weight in with our thoughts...

Teen Mom 2 "Revelations" (S05E01):
Jenelle: She's off heroin and is living with her mother again, though is mad at herself for marrying Courtland and then getting pregnant. [the marraige was not depicted last season.] She decides to take an abortion pill, which her mother drives her a few hours to get, and also pays for. Jace keeps saying the "f word," so Jenelle threatens to put soap in his mouth. [though it is sad, is anyone surprised?]

Leah: Ali has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and although she's currently walking, her condition will likely get worse. Aleeah is being calls Grace now, which is her middle name. Leah got her braces off and gave birth to Adalynn Faith. Corey married a girl named Miranda, while Leah and Jeremy celebrate their second anniversary. [already?? yeah, the timeline is a little crazy...] 

Kailyn: Javi is stationed in Delaware, and because Kailyn is four months pregnant (and now has braces), she files a petition to move Isaac out-of-state to keep her family together. Jo is planning to fight it, so Kailyn may have to return to work (as a dental assistant) immediately to afford a second rent. [what a pain!] They're finally planning their wedding reception, which is coming up soon. [that's an elaborate baby shower, and I hated the flowers in her hair!]

Chelsea: She quit beauty school (again), and decides to start an esthetics program instead. Still, she's doing much better than Adam, who has received a third DUI and got Taylor pregnant. [he's also got some serious ink now!] He wants Aubree more often so she can see her new half-sister more, but Chelsea is concerned. [as she probably should be.]
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