Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Marries, Kieffer Presses Charges, Ali's Tests

We had the final episode of the season, and the first of three known wrap-up episodes. First, the exciting news: Kailyn and Javier got married shortly before he shipped off for boot camp a week before Christmas.
And, actually, that's pretty much all that happens with them, aside from the fact that they are trying to add more Spanish words to Isaac's vocabulary. Chelsea also had minimal news - she's back in school, though still runs late when Aubree locks her out of her bedroom. Leah and Jenelle, on the other hand, were busting with news. Well, in a way. Ali had tests done, and it does seem that she has a neuro-muscular disorder, though we're not privy to which or how she will be treated. Oh, and the girls compete in a pageant. Jenelle's story is more about Barbara and Kieffer... Barbara tries to get Jenelle committed when Jenelle is back on drugs, and Kieffer presses trespassing charges on Barbara for coming into their home in the first place. It keeps them as the most annoying family on this series, and probably one of the most annoying in their region, as it seems the police and the courthouse folks all know who Barbara is, and that Jenelle is her daughter. 

Teen Mom 2 "The End of the Road" (S04E12):
Jenelle: Barbara and her boyfriend go over to Jenelle's and find her and Kieffer hopped up on drugs. Barbara goes to the magistrate and tries to have Jenelle committed to a psychiatric hospital for being a danger to herself and others, but Jenelle is released after a few hours. [I totally didn't know that you could send the cops after someone, though!] Jenelle and Kieffer feel like trespassing and physical assault are a big deal, so Kieffer presses charges. Kieffer then gets upset when he can't find his Xanax. [haha! though I was worried for a second that they were going to get violent!]

Leah: Jeremy goes with the family for Ali's medical appointments in Ohio. Corey's stepmother watches Aleeah while they're gone. It seems that there are issues on the neuro-muscular level, and a biopsy is required.

Kailyn: She makes an appointment to get married before Javi leaves for basic training, and his mother attends the courthouse for the event. Then, Kailyn tells Jo about her marriage. Javi leaves a week before Christmas for Texas, and he cries the night before he leaves as well as during their final moments together. [Isaac really looks like Jo!]

Chelsea: She returns to school but is a day late because she overslept. [why did she even bother telling her father?] The next day, Aubree locks herself in Chelsea's room as Chelsea's getting ready, and it takes her so long to get back in that she is late. [her trainwrecks are so hilarious!]

Teen Mom 2 "Unseen Moments" (Special):
Jenelle: We see Jenelle and Gary get into an argument, and Jenelle is physical yet again. Then, we see part of Jenelle's court hearing over the online harassment of her friend. [I had forgotten about that charge!] 

Leah: Ali is getting closer to walking, and the girls are in a beauty pageant. Aleeah wins prettiest eyes and Ali wins prettiest smile. [I'm purposefully not commenting on this one.]

Kailyn: She and Javi are teaching Isaac Spanish with some flashcards. [semi-interesting.] Kailyn's friend, Mark, moves to Georgia. Jo and Vee have been together a year now, but he doesn't want more kids and she eventually wants a baby. [dang, that flew by!]

Chelsea: She takes Aubree and some friends to a zoo. Adam wants to see more of Aubree, but he gets a DUI. [haha. this whole YOLO movement is screwing up people.] 
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