Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Secret Life: Amy Wants Money... from Anyone

What was that Melrose Place moment where Didi was talking to Grace? I really didn't like that, though if the series had a longer life than just the next month, I could see it being an intriguing way to go. What's not intriguing, however, is Amy going to Leo... I think it's obvious that she doesn't care if she needs to beg, borrow, or steal to get the money to go to school in New York. This makes it all the more difficult to predict how I think the series will end or even how I WANT it to end... I mean, at this point, Amy has really backed herself into quite the hole. How many people think she deserves anything anymore? She has proven herself to be a spoiled brat time and again. She even takes advantage of Madison and Lauren's babysitting offer, though that did give us a rare opportunity to see those two again. With Ben so intent on going to Hudson, I suspect Henry and Alice will appear next week to talk him down to Earth once more... or at least convince the kid that he does not need both an apartment AND a campus room!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Interference" (S05E19): On the plane, Ben takes off Amy's rings as she sleeps. [why is he turning creepy??] He has planned to put them back, but she moves and he pockets them before falling asleep himself. When Ricky notices that Amy isn't wearing the rings, he freaks out, though she just pretends she put them in her purse to go through airport security. When he leaves for work, she has Madison and Lauren come over to tear apart the house, then watch John as Amy goes to ask George for $18,000 a year. [you know, because those are how she prioritizes things.]

But, the night before, Ricky asked George about Amy's college tuition, and George told him he needed to "shut that down," in regards to Amy's desire to live in New York and attend Hudson. [I loved his wording - so 2010s!] Though, Ricky doesn't want to force Amy to marry and go to school in California, her options are running out when George firmly puts his foot down to her. She talks about asking Nora and Margaret, but we see her go to Leo instead. [Nora can't afford an apartment OR a car, clearly she doesn't have thousands of dollars to loan. I don't see Margaret helping Amy in this way, either.] When Ben shows up, Amy gets her rings back, thanks to Chloe finding them in Ben's shirt. [why was she going through Ben's clothes?]
Smaller storylines include: Ethan is collecting signatures of people who don't use algebra in their lives, but after he and Kathy knock on Danica McKellar's door, the jig is up. [I find it HILARIOUS that she lives in their neighborhood.] Ethan says that Kathy looks like a stripper to make her feel better, but then he gets chewed out by her dad. Again.

Adrian makes Omar breakfast in bed, and she now says that she'll move to New York, but not for a year. She tries to get his mother to influence him, but that just makes him angry. [I can't believe she went to his mother! remember how much we all hated her in the early episodes? It's coming back!] Omar asks his father for advice, and he says that he should move on from Adrian. [Omar's father out of nowhere?]

Jack asks Grace to talk a couples class with him, but she hesitates. Jack's mother, Didi, then confronts Grace about whether she's trying to secretly break up with Jack, saying that she's never been a good girlfriend to the athlete. [Grace is pretty fickle, but I was shocked that Didi came over there like that!]
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