Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 Broke Girls: They're Not Actresses

Han has an office?? That was definitely a bit of the diner that I don't think has had a set before! It was seen a great deal this episode, mainly to showcase how everyone milks the TV project for their own benefits. From Han wanting lots of money for fake damages to the girls stealing all the VIP room sushi, the majority of this episode's laughs probably came from scenes in that office. It makes me hope that we see it again! That aside, I'm surprised that there weren't more cracks by Oleg this episode, especially as he seems to have amateur experience in "film making," haha. Though I suppose Sophie trying to "become a star" was enough for both of them.

2 Broke Girls "And the Extra Work" (S02E22): It's Chestnut's tenth birthday, but Caroline says they have to pretend he's six. [haha! cute carrot cake, though.] He needs new horseshoes, and a blacksmith Max knows suggests he also needs medication for a fungus, so the ladies need to come up with $1400. [I know nothing about owning horses, but a quick search looks like re-shoeing actually needs to happen about every two months! CLEARLY the writers aren't up on this fact, either.]
Sonja Flemming/CBS
Law & Order : SVU wants to film a death at the diner, and Caroline, Max, and Earl want to be extras, which pays $112/day plus the tips they would have received. The girls even wear different uniforms for the shoot, and Caroline gets bumped up to be a "special victim," which earns $1000. [kinda neat.] Of course, she messes up and hugs Max, setting off her blood packs early. [figures.] The director invites her to his hotel room for dinner, so she brings Max. [awkward.] The guy isn't turned off by Caroline's incessant talking, and kisses her. He then kisses Max "to make things even," before taking a call from his wife and kids. [insanity!] The next day, Max is given the dying scene... at least until Sophie sets off Max's blood packs. Surprisingly, Han sticks up for the girls and demands $1,000 for Max and Caroline for the director trying to take advantage of them.

Cupcakery Savings Total: $1205.00. [except, this money is ear-marked for Chestnut, so it has nothing to do with their "savings." This is the same as including rent money in these totals, which we know doesn't happen.]
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