Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HIMYM: Barney's Bachelor Bash

First, some highlights... I loved Ted's bumblebee hat! Marshall's penguin hat... notsomuch. I knew that there had to be a catch in the bachelor party plans because of just how bad things were going, but I think that too much time (both in the episode and in the night itself) was wasted on the bad party. Still, we did get to see the return of Barney's crazy gambling game, but I didn't quite like it as much this time. Other disappointments included the "people of bright color" phrasing to refer to clowns like Bozo. And, as soon as I saw Ralph Macchio, I knew that the clown was William Zabka, so that wasn't a "big reveal" for me like it should have been. I am always excited about how Barney idolizes the villains in movies, though!

How I Met Your Mother "The Bro Mitvah" (S08E22): Ted and Marshall kidnap Barney and head to just-outside Atlantic City, where they have an average hotel room with a DVD, Ralph Macchio, a balloon-sculpting clown, and Lily. [I'd be sad for any honoree of this party!] The stripper arrives, but it's Quinn, so she won't strip for Barney. [the clown's makeup in Quinn's cleavage was hilarious.] Barney decides to cancel the party, but as he's driving back, he feels the itch to gamble and they u-turn. He blows the $5,000 he was supposed to pay the caterer, then $80,000 on credit, losing Marshall in the process. [yeah, I'd be shocked, too!]
Meanwhile, in the city, Robin is forced to dine alone with Barney's mother, who knows Robin doesn't want to be there. She also thinks that Robin is a virgin, but she eventually admits that she's not a prude. Dinner ends, and Barney & Co. pull up and see Robin. When she sees Quinn, she calls off the wedding. [and, in this moment, I fear that things are serious.] But, then we learn that Robin's been in on the entire thing, setting up her fiance for the worst night of his life. [GROSS Lily licking the hand that shakes Ralph's!] Still, there are positive moments, as the clown turns out to be William Zabka, who played Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid
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