Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bates Motel: More Corruption; the First Guest

Corruption annoys me. I didn't think that the sheriff was totally innocent and absolved of all the terrible things that happen in this town, but I was completely stunned by how much he wanted to change the story of Shelby's death. I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy the show now... I've had to stop watching multiple shows (notably Glee) because of the characters' attitudes and actions ruining the series for me. And, when you add that to how gory this drama can be, I might just finish up this season (three more episodes) and ignore the renewal... we'll see!

Bates Motel "The Man in Number 9" (S01E07): The police arrive, Shelby is declared deceased, and the sheriff tells the Bateses that they need to change the story a little. They agree that the officer killed Shelby, who killed Keith.

Norman dreams he's with Bradley, but at school starts to understand that she's not interested in a relationship. He later confronts Bradley about their status, and is devastated when he learns there's no future for them. [once again, this makes me miss the innocence of my youth - either people didn't have one-night stands then, or I never knew about them existing.] Emma, on the other hand, is still interested in Norman, and will settle for spending the day with his mother. [creepy much?]
Joseph Lederer
There are seven days until the motel opens, and Norman finds a dog under the house. Later, it's hit by a car, freaking out Norman. [I don't know what to make of that.] At least the motel has a tenant, Jake, who wants a standing reservation on a regular schedule for room 9. [yes, the episode title makes you think there's something weird about him, but we don't really get anything.] Dylan gets the guy's information for registration, but he won't hand over a credit card, preferring to pay in cash. [shady shady!] Norma struggles to form networking relationships around town because of the Keith-Shelby scandal, but, thankfully, the new guy wants to reserve ALL of the rooms at the hotel for a week every other month. [what do you think this means?] Oh, and Dylan is still moving out when his arm heals, angering his mother.
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