Wednesday, May 1, 2013

19 Kids & Counting: Michelle & JimBob in Puerto Rico

19 Kids & Counting "Love & Marriage" (S07E06)
For an hour-long episode, not a whole lot happened. I mean, seriously. I'm going to comment on it and give you the whole recap in about a paragraph. We saw JimBob and Michelle on a marriage retreat to San Juan, Puerto Rico. They had some counseling, talked to one another, and did some fun things like snorkel and zip-line. It seemed to be a one-on-one experience, as opposed to a group session of some sort, and I'm not sure why that was. The only real information divulged? Michelle doesn't like JimBob's dirty socks, and he doesn't like her having to do other things than respond to his concerns ASAP. JimBob also sometimes jumps the gun on plans without talking to Michelle, and she also sometimes just wants to vent without him trying to solve her problems. Back in Arkansas, the five oldest girls speak about dating at a 15th birthday party.
They pretty much re-hash the same speech every time, and JoyAnna always looks so out-of-place in these conversations, like Jinger used to years ago. Oh, and Anna made breakfast for the family one day. [drinking pickle juice grossed me out a bit. It was also odd that breakfast seemed to be late enough that the kids had already started their daily lessons before they ate.]
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