Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Middle: Brick's Bunnies, Sue's Sleepover, Mike with "Morrie"

I really thought that the Axl-Brick plot was sweet. We didn't get to see a finished video, and I was surprised that Frankie and Mike didn't seem to ever find out about the animals, but it really brought together the brothers. Plus, those baby bunnies and kitties were REALLY cute! Maybe I'm weird, but I've never thought about dressing up cats before... I bet kittens wouldn't be that opposed, LoL. The Sue-Frankie storyline got very annoying pretty quickly, and my biggest problem with it was that Frankie really thought that she could make a difference. If this was second grade, sure, a sleepover might win you some popularity. After you're fifteen, however, you're not making any more friends or moving up on anyone's list just like that. Oh, and the timeline of events between Mike's Sunday afternoon talks and Sue's sleepover didn't quite make sense, as I doubt she had that party on a Sunday night... or was this episode supposed to span, like, a month?

The Middle "From Orson with Love" (S04E21): Brick's rabbit has multiplied and he gives Axl a dollar to stay quiet about it. [I would have required a lot more than $1!] Axl tells him to bring the bunnies to a parking lot and give them away, but it doesn't work, and he actually ends up with two kittens, too. [okay, that part is weird!] So, Axl and Brick dress up the pets and do internet videos with the intent of making them famous. [fun and all, but I don't see how that would make them easier to give away, really.] It also finally occurs to Brick that Axl is going off to college, so he won't have his older brother around 24/7 much longer. [awww. I almost didn't catch the "keep brothers together" thing in the parking lot, either!]
ABC/Michael Ansell
Sue is upset that she wasn't invited to a slumber party that was all over Facebook, so Frankie decides to create fake profiles and boost her daughter's ego. [as much as I don't think it makes a difference, it is sweet.] She also suggests Sue post more popular things, then confronts Carly about hanging out with cool kids and not Sue. [I can't even imagine how awkward that would be in real life!] Frankie thinks the answer is for Sue to have a sleepover and only invite popular girls and Carly, but then Frankie stalks them to post group pictures all night. [as whom? one of her false identities??]

Mike drives an hour and a half to have lunch with Frankie's dad. [170 miles should take longer than 90 minutes...] Turns out, there's no news, Tag just wants to do a Tuesdays with Morrie thing. [seriously??] Mike puts up with it for a few weeks but then tells Tag the truth, but the guy doesn't get it. Fortunately, Mike is able to get him to do his talks via video. [surprising... Frankie struggles with technology but her father can make internet videos??]
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