Thursday, May 2, 2013

NEW SHOW: Family Tools

You may recall that I put this show on my "maybe" list last June, so it's been a really long time since I had read all about it and knew what to expect. Well, in a nutshell, I found the pilot to be above average. The premise is a little far-fetched, but the characters already being developed were pretty hilarious. I thought that the jokes came off well and I'm not dreading seeing the next installment. Ten episodes are set to air, and I think it could be a nice little summer show, though it seems the internet doesn't agree. Maybe they just didn't laugh as hard as I did about a guy drinking coffee out of a 40 oz beer bottle because then someone he owes money won't think he has a job. Or didn't see the humor in the ambulance allowing both patients to ride because the Sheas are good customers. Tell me you thought it was funny!

Family Tools
"Pilot" (S01E01): Terry calls the shots in this family, no doubt about it. [but I'm fine with that.] She lives with her widowed brother, Tony, and her 15-year-old son, Mason, until Tony's health just declines so much that his son, Jack, returns home from seminary to help the family business, Mr. JiffyFix. Terry shows she means business by not letting the EMTs (whom she knows by name) attend to Tony until he agrees to retire, and constantly texting Jack from Tony's phone, to make Jack feel more needed and loved. This is not Jack's first return to Mapleport, as he has failed multiple careers before, including the military and the police academy, but his heart is in the right place, and his father does decide to accept his clumsy help, as evidenced by the basement bedroom Tony renovates for his son. [I love how quickly handy people can do this stuff!] 

Jack has a long way to go, though. His first day on the job is plagued with issues over assignments (not knowing if he's installing a shower or re-planking a deck), the materials he buys at the hardware store, and conflicts with his assistant, Darren. And, of course, he has to put up with his nosy father trying any ruse possible to get out Terry's watchful eye to spy on him. Sometimes, this just leads to Tony getting away with eating a sandwich, but other times his heart condition worsens.

Jack's biggest problem, though, is with Darren, who buys a dog with emergency van cash, then doesn't stop the theft of their tools. [I laughed at the idea of having the pet to bond them, though.] He can't fire him, as Darren's grandfather is an old friend of Tony's. So, Jack tries to annoy Darren into quitting by flirting with his assistant's sister, Stitch, who works at the hardware store. What annoys Darren more, however, is bare feet... but Jack has the kind of luck where he manages to nail his foot to the deck when he takes off his shoes. [of course.]
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