Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Lows for Jenelle, Kailyn, and Chelsea; Leah's Happy

Dr. Drew talked about the girls suffering from various issues, but when you look at the list, some of the girls are dealing with much more than others. Take a look: 

Issue \ Teen Mom Jenelle Kailyn Leah Chelsea
Poverty definitely overcoming overcoming no
Addiction definitely (drugs) no no sometimes (Adam)
Family Breakdown ongoing overcoming in the past no
Absentee Father yes no no sometimes
Revolving Boyfriend definitely in the past in the past Adam in and out

Here, you can see that Jenelle is still dealing with most of these concerns while the other girls (especially Kailyn and Leah) are getting past them and maturing. That said, I still literally said "shut up" to Kailyn during her segment. Of course, when Dr. Drew asks questions like, "any feelings about that?" some of his interviewees are bound to flip on him, so not all of the blame is hers. And, though MTV has not yet given official word that this series is no more, I'm willing to bet that we're done with the regular installments from these girls. And, that's probably a good thing. As cute as Aubree and Jace are together, these ladies having to continually block tweets to have typical social media experiences has gone on long enough. I bet the money is good and all, but I'm sure they would prefer some privacy after 3-4 years in the spotlight. 

Teen Mom 2 "Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 1" (Special):
Jenelle: She wishes that she had never gone back to Kieffer, as her most recent relationship with him has been the lowest point of her life. Kieffer wanted her to try harder drugs, so she let him inject her... but her body couldn't handle it and she was often sick, even winding up in the hospital multiple times over the course of a month. [holy cow! glad we didn't see all of this! certainly explains some of her behavior, though!] We learn that Gary got kicked out of the Marines for his behavior, which Barbara suspected for some time. [seriously? she seemed so approving of him!] Barbara still allows Jenelle to have Jace Thursday-Sunday, 9am-8pm, but Jenelle thinks it's rude that she has to work around Barbara's schedule. [hahahahaha!]

: Jo hasn't paid child support in two months. [and this isn't addressed WHY??] Dr. Drew brings up custody issues, and Kailyn talks about how she'll be taking Isaac if she moves. Everyone knows that Kailyn is being illogical about it, but she's more worried about actually having to meet Vee. Her main concern? Vee smoked weed through a gas mask, so Kailyn doesn't want Vee to be around Isaac. [legitimate! I was also surprised to learn that Kailyn smoked weed before she found out she was pregnant, though perhaps I shouldn't have been.] Vee introduces herself as a full-time daycare worker who is going to school to become a teacher, and Dr. Drew tries to get Kailyn to see Vee as more than a single image online, but Kailyn just storms off instead. [hahaha. wonder if she "boxed it out" off stage!] 

Teen Mom 2 "Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 2" (Special):
Leah: She and Jeremy are expecting once again, and Leah plans to be a SAHM until the children are in school, when she will continue her college education. [in reality, she's already given birth to little Addalynn.] Corey talks about the shock of increased child support, and also how he thinks that Jeremy is good for his ex and children. [I thought Leah was forcing the topic about how she's doing much better now than she was before.]

Chelsea: Dr. Drew asks her about her unsafe sex, and Chelsea gives the typical line "I just assumed I wasn't pregnant." [ha!] She and Adam have still been hooking up, as Adam and Taylor are fighting. [SERIOUSLY?? get her back in therapy!]
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