Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Javi Passes the Test, Chelsea Takes a Leave

Chelsea really sucks at school, guys. I'm no longer surprised that it took her that long to get her GED when she can't even succeed at something she cares about! When we heard that her average is only a 60% and her attendance is only 56%, I about fell off the couch! What's going on with this girl??!? At least her story was interesting, though... Leah's offered nothing exciting, Jenelle's basically said "hang in there, the bad news is still to come," and Kailyn's simply planning for a future that viewers are most likely hesitant about her pursuing. Not a lot of focus on any of the children this week, but at the fourth season closes, that's bound to change with the next installment...

Teen Mom 2 "Sweet Dreams" (S04E09):
Leah: Corey is upset about having to pay more in child support than he and Leah had agreed upon. Leah decides to ask her biological father (who lives in Florida) to accompany her stepfather in walking her down the aisle for her upcoming wedding.
Jenelle: She talks to her lawyer about the new charges, and at the courthouse, her case is "continued" so that further investigations could take place. Afterward, Kieffer instigates some trouble with Gary. 

Kailyn: Javi passes the test to enter the Air Force, so Kailyn calls her lawyer to learn about how custody would change if she married and moved. Nothing will really happen until after Javi gets orders that he'd be stationed out-of-town, so she keeps mum about the situation. [who thinks this is the best idea?] 

Chelsea: She has mono so she misses school, but decides to just take a month-long leave so that she can move without having to go to school at the same time. [worst multi-tasker EVER.] Her dad isn't a big fan of the idea, but she does it anyway, even if it means moving her station out of the salon.
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