Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trophy Wife: Kate Disciplines & Helps Warren

What did Kate do before she married Pete? We're well aware that she wasn't a barista, but it certainly appears that she's never worked with kids, either, as she has no sense of how to discipline whatsoever. The breakdown of characters (Jackie, Pete, and Bert; Diane, Kate, Warren, and Hillary) was intriguing, and I particularly enjoyed seeing one of Pete's other "families" in tact, as we often see him focusing mainly on Kate, who remains the least likely 30-year-old ever. Maybe I'm just ultra un-hip, but her attitude and actions seem much younger, especially as she tries to help Warren with his love life. That said, it was really cute of her to cry when Warren got kissed... maybe she can appreciate her "kids" growing up after all.

Trophy Wife "The Punisher" (S01E12): Kate catches Warren jumping off of the roof into the pool, as Hillary films it. [haha that Meg actually took a video!] Kate doesn't know how to punish them, and Pete doesn't answer his phone, so she asks Diane for help. [haha that Diane handled this during a spray tan!] Diane comes over to tell Kate that she needs to mature and punish the kids herself, then gives her practice scenarios. [seriously?!?] When Kate's ready, she jumps in and removes all screens for the rest of the day, then ignores the teens as they continue to push her buttons. Soon, however, the kids fight back by annoying Kate with a visit from a charity-organizing neighbor. [I probably would have gotten in more trouble for that than I would have for jumping off the roof!] 90 minutes later, the twins are trying to strike a deal, but Kate stays strong. Then, they accidentally drop Kate's phone into the garbage disposal when they go to use it, and she freaks out at them. [lots of bleeping!] The kids call Diane, who rushes over, only to fake-out the kids by pretend-yelling at Kate. [that was funny.] 

Bert is scoring average on standardized tests and sees Jackie and Pete as never near one another, so they decide to take him on an outing together. [average is still better than Warren, right?] When the mini-golf course they go to is pirate-themed, they take up accents and get competitive. 2.5 hours later, Bert wins a free game, so they have to do it all over. [what course takes that long with only three people?? I play miniature golf every couple months and the only time it ever took two hours is when we had six people.] When some teenagers antagonize them, Pete and Jackie yell back, and purposely get banned from the establishment. [haha! bad example for Bert, though.]
ABC/Gilles Mingasson
Trophy Wife "The Tooth Fairy" (S01E13): Warren, Bert, Kate, and Pete are out to a messy meal at Mama Saucy's when Bert loses a tooth on an ear of corn. [that amount of ketchup about grossed me out!] On the way home, they call Jackie, who is really excited. However, it seems that the tooth got lost en route, and is not in the car or at the restaurant. Pete doesn't want to disappoint Jackie, so he decides to "tamper with the evidence," and gives Jackie one of the old teeth he's been saving. [my mom saved our teeth, too. I guess that's a thing. I mean, it seems weird to throw them out, doesn't it?] But, Jackie can tell the difference by smelling it, and decides to show Bert Indiana Jones as revenge on Pete. [gross on Jackie's part!] He responds by teaching Bert "downward dog," but then Kate puts an end to the one-upping. [good for her!] Bert finds out his tooth was lost, but after some more searching, Jackie and Pete just decide to give him an old tooth anyway. [ha!]

Warren gets a text from a girl he likes, and Kate helps with his responses. He asks her over to study math the next day, but it's not going well, especially after Kate tries to talk him up and comes off as a pervert. [that was a bit weird!] Fortunately, the two will still be friends, but nothing more, as the girl turns out to be gay. [I think I could go for Warren having a BFF around, so hopefully this wasn't a one-time guest character.]  

Hillary has her first high school sleepover, and hosts it at Diane's, hoping for a classy event. However, when the girls show up and want pizza and scary movies, she throws Diane under the bus and then asks her to leave them alone. [too bad it all played out that way - I was intrigued at the idea of a fancy sleepover for teens... that's really more of a fancy girls' night for adult ladies, LoL.]
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