Saturday, February 8, 2014

Switched at Birth: Back in East Riverside

First, Daphne waxes poetic about what the Vasquez family life was like in East Riverside, then Regina works works on a project that brings her back to the old neighborhood. With Bay back to her art and Angelo returning to his shady ways as well, it seems like everyone is getting back into their old habits, before the switch. But, that's the end of the nostalgia, actually. Kathryn and John are growing further apart with each passing day, finding their own niches and not connecting like before. Toby moves out, though he still doesn't have much going on, and Emmett moves on, dating someone else and planning to go to Gallaudet after he graduates. Regina exclusively working for Wes will probably keep East Riverside in the picture, and I have a sneaking suspicion that her cousin will pop up again, too. 

Switched at Birth "Fountain" (S03E03): Emmett talks to the classmate who is slashing tires and learns the guy just wants to get the hearing kids out of the school, so making them look like delinquents will help. [ha!] Next, a car window is smashed by a rock, so Emmett tells Travis about Matthew. With all of the vandalism going on, there's a locker search, and a boxcutter is found in Sharee's things, getting her expelled. Daphne is her alibi during the rock incident, and the boxcutter was for Sharee's job at the grocery store, so the girls talk to the principal and get the expulsion reversed. However, Sharee still gets a month of Saturday detention (around field hockey games) because she had a weapon at school. [around the sport? what does that teach you?] Still, Sharee gets upset, and when she and Daphne get into a scuffle in the hallway, they wind up in detention and Carlton has to forfeit a game.
When John is upset that Daphne got into even more trouble, she lashes back, saying that she'll never be good enough for him, and he should just turn his back on her and Regina. [aww.] Later, John apologizes, and Daphne then learns about the secrets Emmett has been keeping, encouraging him to tell on Matthew. 

Bay asks her art professor to write her a letter of recommendation for college, but to get it, she and Tank must get a bronze sculpture to Minneapolis, a six-hour drive away. [what? she just met this instructor!] Teresa's work isn't like the other pieces being shown, and it's not being purchased. The bigger problem is that Bay skips the field hockey game to do all of this, so Toby boots her from the team. [sounds like Bay.] Not like Toby has nothing else to worry about, either, as he is ready to move out on his own. [awww! but, at the same time, how has this not come up before?] In fact, he doesn't let Renzo's rental agent friend sell him on a nice place beyond his budget, either, as he wants to be able to handle the rent without his parents' help. The apartment is 30 minutes away, and Kathryn is upset, though John supports the decision. [such a weird thing for Kathryn to be bothered by, no?]

Regina talks to Wes about doing some designs for his company, and even flies out to look at some space. [wow!] However, when the job will require her to live in Denver for 4-6 months, Regina declines, as she doesn't want to miss that much time with Daphne and Bay. [the guy was kinda rude about Regina's motherhood instincts.] The next day, Wes apologizes, saying he has local work for Regina, though she still thinks he's a jerk.

Switched at Birth "It Hurts to Wait with Love if Love is Somewhere Else" (S03E04): Emmett will help Bay with her portfolio if she helps him with an astronomy project. However, when she learns that he is dating a Mandy from Seattle whom he met in a photography chatroom, she freaks and vents to Tank. [why him?] He tells her that "pixels on a screen" are nothing to worry about, so Bay kisses Emmett, though that just causes an argument and a broken camera. [do Tank and Bay not know how many relationships start online these days?] Bay trades some hot chocolate for pictures for Emmett, and then deletes an unread email from Ty, effectively removing them both from her life. [I don't think I could ever delete something like that without reading it!]

John invites Kathryn on a business trip to Nashville, but it's during the same time she's planning to be in New York with Renzo to pitch a new book idea to an editor friend of his. [Kathryn uses paper bags for groceries? also, Renzo has a friend in every market, apparently.] John decides to do things on his own, too, so he buys a motorcycle, knowing Kathryn isn't happy. He wrecks it on his first big day out with it, and has Travis pick him up. He also decides not to run for re-election, illustrating that he, too, is unhappy with his life right now. [that's heavy.]

Regina works on the East Riverside project, and there's an old auditorium there that Regina pitches to Wes to restore. Angelo's check for the restaurant bounces, and he admits to Regina that he's running out of money, so either he can't keep working on the restaurant, or Regina can't buy the design firm. [ouch!] So, she does the only thing she can: she turns to Wes for a $50,000 advance, but he demands she work for him exclusively, which upsets Angelo. [but his reasoning isn't the greatest.]

Daphne's boss, Jorge, invites her to his sister's engagement party, as the groom-to-be is a vegan, Daphne makes vegan desserts. [weird invite.] However, the bride-to-be knows that Daphne blackmailed Coto, and is upset that she took down a Latino politician. Daphne leaves the party to play wheelchair basketball with Campbell, who admits that he likes her, but she won't let him cheat on Gretchen. [everyone is so smitten with her all the time... I mean, I know that happens, but it still gets thrown out there a lot on this show.] Back at work, Jorge kisses her... just before Campbell announces that he's single again. [the blog is still up??!? that didn't have to be removed?]
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