Friday, February 7, 2014

Big Bang: Being an Adult

I was part of the gifted program for a good portion of my school career, which meant that many people in my class were familiar with the people in the class ahead of us and the class under us, because those kids were always the same (as opposed to the rest of the school, where the kids rotated and had different classmates every year). When I was in seventh grade, I looked at the eighth graders and wondered how they seemed to be so much more mature than my class. I thought the same the following year, as many of those kids remained in the same classes as they began the pre-IB program. When they graduated, I was dumbfounded as to how my group would be that "grown-up" in a year. In truth, I don't think we were. But, I also don't feel like I'm in the same place as the Friends folks at 30, so maybe I'll forever look up to those my senior. I mention all of this because I totally related to the feelings that Amy, Penny, and Bernadette had - they wanted to do something "mature," and thought that a fancy tea would do the trick. Well, much like those girls, I've attempted to have an adult girls' night and failed... it just didn't feel appropriate... like we were trying to fool ourselves by pretending we were ready for such things. Maybe it's a personality thing, and I'm just much more similar to those girls than Carrie and Charlotte?
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The Big Bang Theory "The Convention Conundrum" (S07E14): The guys all try for Comic-Con badges, but after ten minutes of refreshing, Leonard is the only one in the queue, and there are 50,000 people in front of him. [refreshing is the worst thing you can do, guys. this is also hilariously timed for people who do attend Comic-Con, as registration is imminent.] They miss out on badges, and react in different ways. [there's a general Con-badge registration at a separate point, PLUS Stuart could get professional badges, but I guess the writers didn't think about those possibilities.]

Sheldon wants to start his own convention, and quickly begins to come up with possible celebrities to headlins, like Robert Downey Jr., Zachary Quinto, Patrick Stewart, Shatner, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Favreau, Ian McKellan, Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman, Wil Wheaton, and Adam West. [it would have been amusing to see him ask Wil Wheaton!] At the time we learn of this list, those folks have all turned him down, though his ideas also include George Lucas, Matt Smith, Simon Pegg, Anyone who played or shot Uncle Ben, Leonard Nimoy, Bill Nye, Carrie Fisher, Ahmed Best, and Stan Lee. [Sheldon can't call Leonard, Stan, or Bill due to restraining orders, though!] Sheldon tries to get James Earl Jones by stalking him to a sushi restaurant, and the guy actually enjoys Sheldon's company through dinner and then at an ice cream place... then the fair, then karaoke, then playing ding-dong-ditch at Carrie Fisher's house, a strip club, then a trip to the sauna. [that's a ridiculous night of events!] When Sheldon asks the actor about headlining Sheldon-Con, he just invites the group to be his guests at Comic-Con, which is awesome because the other guys decided to buy scalped tickets, only to chicken out at the last minute and wind up being trapped in Leonard's dark apartment when the guy comes to the door to sell. [I love dhow hard they hit the banned possibility. oh, and I loved "yes, he's late because he's on his way here from 1940."]

Meanwhile, the girls decide to do something "mature" because they think spending a ton of money on Comic-Con is pointless, so they head to an afternoon tea. [Amy wears her tiara! oh, and Comic-Con IS expensive. badges this year run you $200 for the entire Con. Hotels will be a minimum of $150/night post-tax, if not higher - and that's if you want to stay miles away from the event. add on food and transportation, and it's easy to wind up dropping $1000 for the weekend, without even considering costumes, custom artwork, and souvenirs!] There are tons of little girls there, so they decide to head to the bar instead, where they admit they don't feel like adults yet. [back to my opening remarks, LoL...]

The Big Bang Theory "The Locomotive Manipulation" (S07E15): It's time for Shamy's Annual State of the Relationship Summit, which highlights that Sheldon needs to come up with a petname for Amy. [remember when Niles tried to do this for Daphne?] For Valentine's Day, Amy has booked a trip to Napa, which Sheldon agrees to because of the dinner-on-a-train aspect. [I laughed at the clawfoot bathtub being like bathing inside of a monster! also, did they fly or drive to Napa?? it's a long way!] He makes a friend on the train, and soon ignores Amy to talk about his hobby. It isn't long before Bernadette lectures Sheldon, but Sheldon just brings the guy back to the table. [I only kinda saw that coming.] The duo soon head to the engine room, so Bernadette tries to console Amy by talking about the work it takes to make a man into a respectable person. Then, Amy confronts Sheldon, who responds by "being romantic" and kissing her, which they both enjoy. [I had forgotten they've been together for three years and have never done anything beyond holding hands! hello, eighth grade! though at least it is a step toward being an adult!] 

Raj asks Leonard and Penny to watch Cinnamon during Valentine's Day, as he'll be spending the night looking at the stars. [although asking if the pooch could watch the couple be intimate was creepy!] Penny gets Leonard flowers and chocolates, and he gets her Lakers tickets. While Leonard and Penny are being intimate, the dog eats the chocolates, so they must rush her to a vet, freaking out Raj. It doesn't wind up being serious, and Raj even walks away with the vet's phone number. [any thoughts on how many more episodes Yvette will be in?]  
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