Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Switched at Birth: Doing Your Own Thing

I really appreciated the honesty in this episode, as each character really got a chance to face the fact that they might do things a little differently than was is expected. Kathryn tells John that she's been taking dance lessons, and they make her happy. Daphne gets a chance to play basketball while getting an opportunity to show some signs to a hearing person who has no interest in ASL. Bay gets a chance to try out a new drawing technique, which is great for her creative side. Toby finally has a channel into which he can put forth some energy and effort. Regina tries to cater to the rich, only to remember that her true passion is in creating unique and recycled pieces. Now, if only John could get back to his roots, the whole family would be working on their personal happiness levels...

Switched at Birth "Your Body is a Battleground" (S03E02): John feels left out when the kids talk about their field hockey plans, but Bay's not happy either, as it looks like she'll actually play when they only barely have enough girls to make a team. Bay gets checked at practice and quits, but after talking to Tank, she decides that teamwork is important. Toby cold-calls students for recruiting, and tells Daphne that Sharee is an awesome athlete. [of course she is. that's just too coincidental.] Daphne challenges her to a basketball game - Daphne wins, Sharee joins field hockey; Sharee wins, Daphne has to drive her to school every day. [I rode the bus for 45 minutes to go to school for seven years - it's a pain and I definitely would have welcomed a ride!] It's close, but Sharee gets the final point. [loved the passive teaching of numbers in sign!] Still, she shows up for practice. [I was hoping she would!]
Bay doesn't expose the real Tank in her drawing, so she has to re-do the project and decides to do it in Xs and Os, like a football playbook. [neat!] Tank is booted from the class for not even trying, but Bay gets him reinstated by telling the teacher about how Tank helped her not make a stupid mistake. [not my milieu, but I couldn't imagine telling a professor about bad decisions I made!] 

Renzo answers Kathryn's phone during class, so she comes clean to John about her tap classes, and invites her friend to dinner. There, her secret about skipping dinner for the drum circle is revealed, so she goes ahead and shares that she's seeing a psychiatrist. [why didn't Kathryn remind Renzo not to mention that??]

Adriana runs into Felicia (Regina's second cousin), who is 8 months pregnant and needs help with her nursery. Regina, just wants to buy a new car to look the part of a high-end designer, but agrees to assist. [I think we can all relate to not wanting to use our talents for no pay, even if it is for family.] Felicia will be turning her bedroom into the nursery, and the living room will become the master bedroom, so there is some major re-thinking to be done. Regina can't imagine living in such a small place again, but Daphne reminds her of the positives, like knowing your neighbors. [truth. when I was a kid in a trashy neighborhood, we knew every person on the block.] Regina decides to go dumpster-diving to get some pieces to start with, and meets Wes, a construction foreman, along the way.

At the clinic, a kid with no permanent address leaves without being signed out, and Daphne feels bad because he has high glucose levels. They track him down at a skate park, and he admits that he has diabetes, but he doesn't really take care of himself. [a few years ago, there was a volunteer I knew who was homeless and had health problems. it was a sad situation, and I have no idea what happened to him, though I hope he finished high school.] Campbell gets him to agree to return to the clinic, and also makes Daphne question if she'd want her hearing restored if she remembered what it was like to hear. [haha, Campbell acts like he wants Daphne, but then he has a girlfriend, so what's the deal?]

Another car at school gets its tires slashed, and then another after that, with that one being filmed by Emmett. [he seriously starts working on the video yearbook the first week of school?] There's no clear shot of the face, but Emmett shares the clip with Travis, only to later realize the villain is a deaf student. [Emmett was a little too frozen, though.]
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