Monday, January 20, 2014

2 Broke Girls: A Look at a Life

For whatever reason, as soon as I heard the title of this episode, I knew that Deke would be living in a dumpster. It makes me curious as to how he manages to pull that off in NYC without trucks picking it up to empty the contents all the time. Along that note, not being able to pay for rent, not having insurance, and having no money to do anything but sit in your car and play music are all realities for folks in New York (and other places). It's a life that many people don't realize exists and that non-bums are living. Max's reaction to being intimate in a dumpster clearly indicated that she was not creeped out by the idea, had done it before, and even found it a bit fascinating. Whether Caroline's injuries will carry into the next episode will be seen soon enough (as will the possibility of her returning the car guy's interest in her), but for now, let's appreciate what we have, how we have it, and how we would condense our lives if we needed to make a dumpster a home. 
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2 Broke Girls "And the Dumpster Sex" (S03E14): A car playing loud music has been parked outside the cupcake window for a week, and the driver won't move it after Caroline asks, so she has it towed. The guy comes looking for Caroline, and Han gives him her number, email, and address, causing her to be afraid of being home alone. Still, Max heads out on a date with Deke, that brings her back to his place... a renovated dumpster. [haha at Caroline trying to keep Sophie there for a girls' night.] She leaves him afterward, and comes home to a paranoid Caroline, who winds up spilling hot water on her legs and feet. [really? a honking car makes you scared enough to boil water to toss at an intruder? Is that a New York thing?] The girls go to the ER, with the intent to use Obamacare, which doesn't exactly work. [I thought they could have fleshed out the jokes there a little more.] The car guy's brother shows up, gives Caroline a mix tape, and asks her out. [were they going for a Crips/Bloods reference?] Then, Deke shows up, having moved his dumpster near the diner... only for Caroline to have it towed. [figures! though I highly doubt that she could have had it towed on that short of notice.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $410.00 [up $157.25 from last episode.]
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