Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2 Broke Girls: Deke and Max

One of the most memorable things about Frasier was that the characters wound up giving such peculiar attributes to Maris that the writers ended up not being able to ever actually show the woman. I feel like Sophie's life story has got to be somewhat close on the "unbelievable" scale, and if we didn't already have an actress in that role, they'd probably have no idea what to do for her! Granted, Maris had more physical abnormalities while Sophie tends to just have a very extraordinary background (the latest is that she had an advice column in Poland called "Don't Do That"), but still. Thank goodness we still have the character, even after she and Oleg parted ways

2 Broke Girls "And the Big But" (S03E13): It's snowing, which stops the foot traffic in front of the cupcake window. [Sophie's outfit was really cute.] Han is late for work, so the others joke around until he gets there. Deke and Max study for class but decide to ask classmate Judy for help on the chemistry of baking ["Judith with the bootith" - ha!]

Later, in class, Deke makes a move on Max, which causes her to freak out. [we all saw it coming.]
Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
She turns to Caroline, afraid that she has feelings for him, too. That night, when studying, Deke gets a text from Judy, asking to be intimate. Max tells him to take off, and then asks Caroline to break into the school to steal an upcoming test, well aware that Caroline is still uncomfortable around Nicolas. When the chef comes in, Caroline has to pretend that she's into him again so Max can sneak out. [funny, but a bit obvious, I thought.] Max only manages to steal half of the test, so Deke pulls a fire alarm to get out of taking the test. [Nicolas carrying out Caroline was amusing.] Max then admits her feelings to Deke, and he kisses her. [hmmm... where's this gonna go...??]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $252.75 [up $32.75 from last episode.]
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