Tuesday, September 24, 2013

RETURNING: 2 Broke Girls: The New Location

I hate-watch a lot of things, but I legitimately enjoy this show, one which it seems everyone else hate-watches. I like the characters, I think the plots (both one-episode and ongoing) are amusing, and the tone is unique. It did take a little while to become accustomed to the language used in this comedy, but I take it in stride now. So, it shouldn't really be surprising that I enjoyed this episode quite a bit and think that it will set up some nice moments for the season. The focus will be less split with the girls working out of the diner rather than in a location across town, and the other characters will probably be helping more than once. I predict Max will be the one with the lover this season (if they keep trading off, anyway), and that it won't take long for Oleg and Sophie to reunite, either. Han getting lucky would also be a fun side story. Oh, and this show continuously makes me want to bake/decorate/eat cupcakes, so I might have to have a cupcake party at some point to coincide with a big episode...

2 Broke Girls "And the Soft Opening" (S03E01): Max starts with a recap of what happened in popular culture over the summer,then the girls begin to prepare for their new location's soft opening. They plan to hit the 2-4am post-bar demographic, and are quickly greeted with a couple of Brits who want buy a dozen cupcakes. This is great news until one of them is so drunk that he falls down and hits his head on the window before choking on a cupcake! [OF COURSE the actual cause of death is the cupcake! LoL.] However, it turns out that the deceased was a rock star of sorts, Roland Glass, so people flock to the window to pay tribute, buying cupcakes while there. The girls profit when they charge $7/cupcake and say that "Roland would have wanted it that way," but this makes Han want rent money now, even though he initially said the girls could do whatever they wanted with the space. [that sucks.] He goes from $200/month to $195/month when Caroline shows him some rat bite marks she got while preparing the place, but Han gets upset and decides to move the memorial so that the mourners go into the diner instead. [ha!] The girls move the shrine back, and when Max stops the crowd from beating up Han, he offers them a rent-free situation until they hit $250,000 sales. [ooook...]
Also, Oleg cheated on Sophie, so they broke up and she trashed his stuff. [and, in true mafia style, messed with everyone he knows.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $725.00. [they ended last season with $1540.00, though maybe that all went to prepping the new space?]
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