Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 Broke Girls: The Literal Window

"Apparently, napkins were the old twitter." Thanks, Earl. I was never much for writing on napkins, though when I was in undergrad I amassed dozens of post-it notes on the walls near my desk! But, lines like this are part of the reason I love this show... yet know it'll never be a classic. Though some of the jokes are timeless, many are so stuck in the era that nobody will know what's going on if they tried to watch in 2023. On the other hand, I bet 2004 shows were wary to mention the new Facebook, and it's still around, so maybe it doesn't matter... Regardless of whether that works, I think the cupcake window definitely will. There's a creme brulee window a couple blocks from my friend's place in San Francisco, and it's AMAZING. I've never seen a line for it, but the space is small enough that it can't be much to rent. And, in this case, if it's a room that the diner already pays for, at least the girls should be able to swing the rent, haha! 

2 Broke Girls "And the Window of Opportunity" (S02E24): Caroline wants to go to a seminar on branding, so they have to have a yard sale in order to earn the money. [who has afternoon garage sales? Is that a NYC thing? 1-5pm??] A couple people come by but are only interested in Mac's old Happy Meal toys, with which she will not part. [the "horse in a hat" line made me giggle, but not as much as the prices Caroline was hoping to get!]

Han makes the employees clean the diner so that they can get a positive rating from the health department. [ha!] Han even gets Caroline a manicure to look nice and pays Max to leave. [that Han-prostitute joke made me burst in laughter!] The diner gets a "B" because of the conditions in a hidden room, which Han didn't realize was part of the property. Caroline offers to clean it for $600, but it's so disgusting that she almost doesn't finish. Everything causes Max and Caroline to argue about how badly their first attempt at a business went, and, before long, they're having a pressure-washing fight in the room, where Max is electrocuted. All's well that ends well, however, when they find a large window in the room and decide to create a walk-up cupcake window from the room. [the window is kinda low, no?]
Sophie thinks that Oleg is getting too clingy, but Caroline tells Oleg not to change for Sophie. [that balls line was too much.] Sophie freaks out and goes to the girls' apartment and breaks things. She then goes to smash Oleg's car, too. [this came out of nowhere!]

Cupcakery Savings Total
: $1540.00.
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