Monday, May 13, 2013

Dance Academy's Second Season, Part 3 of 4

We're back with our third installment of Dance Academy's second season. (part 1 here and part 2 here.) Here, Abigail begins to explore other interests, Kat begins to find her place at the Academy again, and Christian begins a relationship with his father.
S02E14: Tara heads home and ignores the calls of her friends, though she learns that she made it past the preliminaries, behind Abigail. She goes to Sydney for a back check-up and runs into Ben, who volunteers to put on plays with kids at the hospital. It turns out, Ben is a leukemia survivor. [he really is a whiz kid... didn't start dancing until later and is ahead of his national peers?] Back at the Academy, Kat is not getting along with her classmates in the first-year curricula, even after acting more dedicated to her studies. Abigail eventually orders the first-years to treat Kat better. [I'm sick of Abigail.]

S02E15: Ethan struggles to find employment and manages to get a job choreographing a fringe musical. He decides he can do more, however, and goes to Barcelona to try for something bigger. [I've seen a lot of dance movies and Spain is never a place anybody goes... someone want to clue me in?] At school, Tara decides to appeal her expulsion, stating that Saskia broke Tara's vertebrae, which led her to see an outside doctor. Tara is allowed to return, and Saskia eventually decides to go home to Perth. [at least Tara is healed!] 

S02E16: Sammy wants to compete in the Prix but because he missed the prelims, he must travel to compete in the region where he was born. Christian goes along and sees his father, who builds surfboards. The man recognizes his son, however, so Christian questions why he left the family. He gives no response, so Christian tells his father about his mother dying, and his father gives him a board. [really? going to try buying his love at this late date?] Back at school, the kids work on solos based on defining life moments, and Tara convinces Ben to do his about his health history, but that causes everyone to start treating him differently. [should've seen that coming, guys.]

S02E17: The first-years and the second-years are at war, though Kat remains impartial for a while. [why is there no question about what side Ben is on?] Sammy, however, is interested in a third-year, and kisses him. Meanwhile, Grace tries to get Tara to be less serious and have more fun, but after Miss Raine catches the probation student drunk, she realizes that she has to get her act together. [why doesn't she get into more trouble?] 

S02E18: Christian's dad shows up at school, gives him a motorcycle, and they spend a day together. [whoa.] But, then he heads home unexpectedly. [aww.] Sammy has a rougher time, though, when Ollie goes public with their relationship. Sammy can't handle it and breaks it off. 

S02E19: Abigail is recruited to star in the musical, but not before working as a tutor instead. [I really am intrigued by Abigail's interest in non-ballet hobbies.] Tara wants a new crush, so Grace starts trying to figure out who would be a good candidate for the position, though Ben begs for the opportunity. [weird.] 

S02E20: Abigail gets in trouble for missing school to attend fringe rehearsals, and when her mother comes to town, her cover is blown. Her family has fallen apart, and Paige now lives with their father. [yep, big change!] Abigail decides to quit the show, even if it was making her happy. [boo!] She also spreads the word about what the teachers thought of the students' chances at the Prix. In non-Abigail news, Ben is worried that his cancer has returned, but it turns out to just be a cold. [phew.]
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