Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Bang: How Close will Sheldon and Amy Become?

If you live in the Los Angeles area, why would you fly to Vegas for a concert? Garth Brooks or not, I can't think of a reason that you'd increase the cost of attendance that much! See it locally! Anyway, off my soapbox. I thought that this episode was something... different. The chemistry between the characters on this series has been great for a long time, but writing for these quirky personae has got to be tough! And, yet, the bedroom scene between Sheldon and Amy (and their D&D characters) was wonderful. In his own way, Sheldon was genuine and brave, while Amy allowed her emotions to come to the forefront. Both actors are superb and really made me believe that this strange scenario could happen. Of course, now it just begs more than hand-holding from the couple, but I think I have faith that they could get there. I mean, if Sheldon is not 100% opposed to physical intimacy anymore, why not?

The Big Bang Theory "The Love Spell Potential" (S06E23): The girls head to Vegas while the boys play Dungeons and Dragons, with Howard as the Dungeon Master. Sheldon is initially upset that Leonard isn't calling the shots, but the bigger problem is that Raj ditches them when Lucy becomes available. [I give him a pass, though. how many times have we seen Raj as the odd one out with the boys?] Howard soon wins Sheldon's heart with sound effects and impersonations, though. [haha, Simon Helberg did the same Nicolas Cage on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip!] Unfortunately, Amy breaks a TSA agent's nose during a pat-down and winds up on the no-fly list, so the girls return and join the game. [I'm surprised that Sheldon didn't oppose that!] 
Monty Brinton/CBS
Penny livens things up by rolling the dice as if she were in Vegas, and the game soon becomes sexual when a love spell is cast between Sheldon and Amy's characters. Embarrassed that such things don't happen in reality, Amy leaves the room, unsure that she and Sheldon will ever have an intimate relationship. Her long-term boyfriend says that he hasn't ruled it out, but, to him, what they have is already extremely intimate. [and that, right there, was an award-winning moment, in my opinion.] They do play out the intimate scene between their characters. [how mature of Sheldon!]

Meanwhile, Raj and Lucy are out to eat but she's too shy to send back her "funky" crab cakes. When he tries to help her overcome her fear, she goes to the bathroom and climbs out the window. [ha! what kind of default move is this??] However, she's stuck when the fence is topped with barbed wire, so she calls Raj for help, and they kiss. [I don't know... I just can't get into Lucy...]
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