Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Bang: Raj is Depressed, Sheldon Reciprocates Kindness

I shouldn't have been surprised that Sheldon wouldn't politely accept Penny's offer to see her perform in a play. Of course, she has proved to be rather bad in the past (but maybe that's just with musicals?), so he probably based part of his decision on that. I do like it when there's a Fun with Flags segment on this series, but this one was a bit forgettable - will Sheldon continue to overly-open up when doing podcasts, or was this another dead-end joke? Once again, I liked Bernadette's outfit (I need to add her closet to this list!), but her role in this installment was really just to make a couple of comments about how dirty Raj's place was (that Leonard or Howard, being guys themselves, wouldn't say) and get yet another lobster joke in. (though, seriously, 2013 has been a total lobster year! We're not even two months in and I've delighted in the delicacy three times, LoL.) Oh, and getting around to the main story, Raj and Lucy, I don't think there's anything there and I don't think she'll last, though we will undoubtedly have to see her again. Agree or disagree?

The Big Bang Theory "The Monster Isolation" (S06E17): We see Raj having coffee with that girl, but she says she's going to the bathroom and leaves the date. [omg how horrible!] Howard, Bernadette, and Leonard check on Raj, but he's determined not to leave his place again. [or clean it, for that matter. and what was with Howard's bright blue jacket?]
Monty Brinton/CBS
Sheldon jokes about offering to give Raj some pointers about women, but when the guys meet Lucy at the comic book store, she passes on a letter to Raj, apologizing. After some hesitation, Raj accepts her number, and she comes to his apartment to apologize in person, explaining that she only even asked him out because she's been trying to force herself into situations where she's uncomfortable. [...then stick it out, chica!] Raj explains that he also has issues and gets her to agree to go on another date with him. [so... is he going to become an alcoholic if he has a regular girl in his life?]

The other stories going on include a Fun with Flags segment with Penny, who asks about the Nebraska state flag. [I'm curious as to how Sheldon made a racist edition for Black History Month...] Penny suggests that Sheldon should act more conversational to seem less staged and robotic, and although he takes the ideas too far and comes off as rather sleazy, he is thankful. Of course, it takes Amy to force Sheldon into properly thanking her and reciprocate the kindness by attending Penny's upcoming performance of A Streetcar Named Desire. [what is on Sheldon's shirt? also, I was astounded by the number of electronic devices that Leonard confiscated from Sheldon, plus a Rubik's cube and an Etch-a-Sketch! oh, and Amy getting kicked off a nicotine-addiction-and-primates study for being unprofessional? ridiculous.] 

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