Friday, February 15, 2013

Big Bang: Three Couples = Three Different Valentine's Experiences

Penny is SO HAPPY with Leonard that she fears she'll actually want to settle down with him... what's that about? I don't really understand that mindset... it's not like they just started dating, so what's wrong with being happy enough to want to be happy forever? Raj, on the other hand, is so lonely that he creates a party and then leaves it when a girl asks him for coffee, rubbing it in the other singles' faces. Not only was that disappointingly rude, but will he actually be able to overcome having to drink in order to talk to women? I mean, that's still a major issue for him and all... The Howard storyline really took a backseat but worked as a short plot, so I won't spoil its contents for you just yet. The just leaves Sheldon... who knows that Valentine's Day is important to Amy, but still outsources the task of buying her a present. I'm not sure what else I would have expected, but I was still surprised and found it funny. Did you?

The Big Bang Theory "The Tangible Affection Proof" (S06E16): Bernadette has been working a lot so Howard wants to get her a nice gift. He spends 12 hours in the lab to write their initials on a heart 1/1000th the size of a grain of sand, only to lose it. [that was cute and all, but where would they store it? It would just be a microscopic slide?] So, Leonard invites them to join he and Penny, but the newlywed couple is fighting because Bernadette has hidden Howard's xbox as punishment for not doing household chores. [haha, I guessed that Bernadette hid it in the washer!]

Leonard calls himself a "romance ninja" and has a nice Valentine's dinner planned, but the night is ruined when Penny spots her old boyfriend proposing to another girl in the restaurant. [I laughed pretty hard when Leonard went to propose to Penny to "solve the problem."] He confronts her behavior and she says that she's so happy with him that she's afraid that she'll say "yes" when he proposes one of these times. [haha. I always forget how often he proposes!] He promises not to ask her to marry him anymore, so she'll have to propose someday. [what do you guys think of that?]
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Sheldon gives Alex $2,000 to find Amy a gift based on monkeys and the color grey. [whaaaat?] Luckily, Alex digs deeper and chooses a harp music box that plays one of Amy's favorite songs, a map of the journey the characters take in The Canterbury Tales, and a signed print of a brain cell drawn by the father of modern neuroscience. [interesting choices.] Sheldon hates the first two but likes the third so much that he keeps it for himself. [I totally burst out laughing here!] Amy decides that going out and sharing gifts won't do it for Sheldon, so she offers to stay in, order pizza, and watch Star Wars. [awww.] Still, Sheldon gives Amy the gift of being his emergency contact a work. [pretty thoughtful of him.] But, he tends to abuse this by going to the nurse for everything, requiring Amy to drop her work constantly to come to his rescue. [hmmmm...]

Raj wants to throw a party at the comic book store for Valentine's Day, and Stuart agrees to host. They realize that they'd have a great relationship if one of them was female. [this is a NEW realization for them??] When Raj meets a girl at the party and they go for coffee, he makes the other attendees feel bad. [mean!] 
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