Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Middle: Valentine's Day All Around!

One of the things I love most about this series is how realistic it is. I think the writers really do a great job at keeping the characters' actions believable to the personalities that have been established over the past few years. Brick WOULD call out Frankie on his old art projects. Axl WOULD take advantage of others but eventually feel bad when his actions his close to home. Mike WOULD want to do something extra for Frankie but wind up fumbling with technology. I especially loved that Darrin and Sue are giving a relationships a try... he's so different from Matt and Brad, and I'm sure Axl will object, plus Frankie and Mike will be questioning if naive Sue could handle a guy who hangs around with Axl. But, I'm so happy for her and hope that it goes well, even if only by Heck standards!

The Middle "Valentine's Day IV" (S04E15): Brick makes Frankie a valentine, which she soon trashes. He's on to her and asks to see his old artwork, but she says it's in boxes and that he should live in the present. [haha.]
Frankie tries to borrow an art project from Nancy Donahue's kids to pass off as Brick's, but everything is too perfect. [I kinda loved that, it was funny. but if she was willing to try one of those, why not just try one of Axl's??] Frankie tells Brick that Mike must have thrown out his stuff, but she still has Axl's and Sue's, making things worse. [I might have lied in that case, LoL.] To fix things, Frankie writes Brick a sweet note that he throws away as soon as he finishes reading it. [like mother, like son!]

Axl's "company" is broke so he, Darrin, and Sean decide to start a new venture: help guys break-up with girls before Valentine's Day so they don't have to get the ladies gifts. The trio do well at trying not to hurt the girls in the process, and the service even extends to the teachers! [haha, online surveys and facebook "likes"!] But, after a couple of the dumpees seem depressed, Sean and Darrin wonder if there are issues with what they're doing. Axl doesn't have that moral conflict... until he learns that Sue is being dumped on Valentine's Day. But, let's back up a second... Sue has signed up to join the clean-up committee for the Valentine's Day dance, which she's happy to attend alone. But, when Sue gets a call from ex-boyfriend Matt, who broke up with Shari, she's thrilled to have a date for the event. However, Matt calls hours before the dance to cancel, leaving the message on the machine for Axl and his friends to hear. Darrin is the only one who will brave telling Sue what happened, and he decides to escort her to the dance in Matt's place. [I was wondering whatever happened to their Prom romance!] They have a good time and afterward, he confesses his feelings for her and they kiss. [awwwwwww!] Meanwhile, Axl begins to second-guess what he and the guys have been doing, so he and Sean decide to get one couple back together to right their misdoings.

Plus, Sue tells Mike that he should do something special for Frankie, but he's just planning on taking the Christmas tree out to the curb. [haha! remember, they always try to have it down by Valentine's!] He decides to send Frankie a text about how special she is, but he accidentally sends it to a guy from work. It doesn't blow over smoothly, however, as Jim is a lonely guy who is so grateful for the text that he tells everyone. So, other guys at the site start asking Mike why THEY didn't get text messages. At first, he tries to tell everyone how special they are, but then he winds up admitting the truth to his crew, but then the workers just tell him that he needs to do something better for his wife... leading him to bring Frankie flowers.
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