Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Middle: Everyone's Doing Something

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Here, The Middle pulled off a great episode that manages to work-in all of the main characters, plus a few secondary ones. I'm not sure what their theory was behind some of their choices, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I nearly loved this episode. I loved the idea that they couldn't find any of their dishes because they left everything in the old dishwasher. I didn't love that Sue's Prom experience didn't include her stressing over a dress or gushing about everything to Carly. I loved that Mike, BigMike, and Brick looked for the four-leaf clover late into the night. I didn't love the junky cliche interviews that Frankie and Mike conducted for Edie's caretaker. I loved how Axl came through for WeirdAshley in her time of need. I didn't love what was potentially being set-up with the library closing - I mean, we're going to have to have a new "thing" for Brick soon... What about you - love this episode on the whole or just parts of it?

The Middle "The Clover" (S03E22): Axl's friends talk about finding dates to Prom, while Axl is upset that he got tricked into going with WeirdAshley. [his own fault.] To keep the girl he really wants available, Axl gets his friend to go with her, but the kid ends up falling for her, of course. [remember when Cory and Shawn did this on Boy Meets World? Didn't work out for them, either. I laughed at Axl using a measuring cup as a drinking glass!] Axl's other friend invites Sue, much to Axl's chagrin. [and to my surprise!] A different kid asks WeirdAshley to Prom, freeing up Axl, but he's unable to find another girl on short notice, so he plans to go stag and then pick up the pieces when a girl is dumped on the big night, AKA the perfect "chick-a-tunity." [not the worst plan ever, but definitely screams "unexpected event to ensue!" Also, that comment about a baby being born at Prom each year was awkward. luckily, we didn't see it happen.] Sue's dress is a bit odd (see pic below!), but she and Axl's friend have a great time. [new relationship blooming??] Axl isn't having much luck consoling anyone at Prom until WeirdAshley comes out of the restroom. [so he is a good guy after all!]
Frankie is worried that Aunt Edie won't be able to live alone much longer, so she and Mike start interviewing potential caregivers. Of course, all of them are problematic in one way or another. Luckily, things will come together soon enough... 

Mike makes Brick go outside without a book, and he finds a four-leaf clover... which immediately starts bringing him bad luck - like ticks and paper cuts. The bigger concern, however, is that the local library is closing because of budget cuts. Brick's tendency to procrastinate leads Frankie to drive him to return books minutes before the library closes for good, and Brick offers a library volunteer a ride home. Frankie tunes out the woman's stories up until she learns that the woman smokes and is lonely, which matches up well with Aunt Edie's needs. [just a little too well, but I'm sure it'll come back to haunt the Hecks...]
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