Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guys with Kids: Finding Guardians, A Manny, DJing

Ernie is over a year old and Sheila is just NOW returning to work?? What kind of company has such a lenient policy?? Also, Clark and Yoda are beginning to scare me. They manage to destroy so many things it makes me question whether they're particular terrors or I just need to give up on the idea that my stuff is safe when I eventually have children! On a similar note, it's interesting how the various adults on this show pass their "free time." We know Marny likes to hit the gym and Nick and Sheila like trivia nights, Chris is still in the "dating" stage of the game, and Gary desperately wants to work again, but what about Emily? Have we seen her with any hobbies (aside from dressing up for Christmas cards)? There are only two more episodes left in the first season, so we may never find out.

Guys with Kids "The Will" (S01E14): Clark and Yoda microwave a whipped cream can, ruining the appliance. [dang!] This causes Gary to have to thaw a chicken with a hair dryer. While doing so, he accidentally electrocutes himself, forcing Gary and Marny to realize that they need to update their wills. [not the coolest intro into needing a will, but not bad, either.] Her parents are too old, her sister is too snobby, his mother is too neglectful, and his brother lives on a boat. So, the couple has to think outside of the family, and they ask Emily and Nick. Emily jumps on board immediately (but soon regrets it) while Nick has concerns. They decide to demonstrate some poor parenting to make Gary and Marny rethink this decision. But when they don't have enough time to fully show off their neglect, Nick pretends Emily has a drinking problem and they can't take on more stress. It works, except Emily now has to act like she goes to AA and can't drink in front of people. [hahaha!] This leads Sheila to spread a rumor that Emily's pregnant, and she ends up coming clean before long. Fortunately, Gary and Marny accept that four kids is too many to take on... but then Emily feels so bad that she gives in again. [Emily makes me laugh so hard!]

While this is going on, Sheila hires a male nanny, Andy, who puts play into a historical setting. [I think that's awesome!] Chris tries to prove that Andy sucks, but just winds up impressing Nick and Gary. When Chris can't show-up Andy's songs, either, he gives up. [male nannies are not taboo anymore, guys. At least a half-dozen shows have had them by now, and a minimum of two centered their premises around such!]

Guys with Kids "Gary's Idea" (S01E15): Most of the group shares some good news: Nick is directing a Superbowl commercial, Marny got promoted, and Gary has an idea for bibs/ponchos for parents called "wrapkin." [better than overcho!] Chris feels left out and decides to become a DJ. He takes a class and starts dating the college kid Nick and Emily use as a babysitter, Stacee. [I am not a fan of ANYONE Chris dates! also, friendship bracelets FTW!] He decides to quit the law firm, so Nick tells Sheila to stifle Chris's spirit. [hahaha!] Nick, Emily, and Sheila go to the college party that Chris is DJing, but after he works in the Golden Girls theme song and only gets $32 from a collection, he decides that he can still be a lawyer but a DJ on the side. [smart.]
Vivian Zink/NBC
So, as Chris is finding something to do with his time, Gary wants to make better use of his, by marketing the Wrapkin. At first, Marny thinks it's smart... and then he asks her to invest $10,000. She says no, but he decides to invest in it anyway. [seriously??!?] He meets with 30 vendors but none are interested. [first, it could be that he wasn't hitting the right market. His network is commercial real estate and all. second, I was really surprised that Marny wasn't more upset!] 
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