Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guys with Kids: Ernie Turns One

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When I heard the title of the episode, I assumed that it would be for the first birthday of Gary and Marny's twins. I'm not sure why, but I figured that would be funny, comparing it to the first birthdays of their older children and whatnot. Instead, Ernie having to celebrate two first birthdays was an intriguing idea. Except that we don't see Sheila's celebration. I also struggle to get beyond how Chris and Sheila managed to split up less than a year after the birth of their son... I am always caught by surprise when a couple I know goes from "lovey dovey" to divorced in a matter of months. I mean, does nobody even TRY to work things out anymore? Surely you'd be on the rocks for at least a year before calling it quits, no? Anyway, the B-story was pretty weak, and the A-story was about average, so nothing too special. My favorite moment was when the fathers stood up their children and whichever fell first won money. What about you?

Guys with Kids "First Birthday" (S01E08): Sheila wants Chris to recite a poem for Ernie's first birthday, where there will be a pinata full of raisins and a string quartet. [a string quartet?? this isn't a wedding!] But, Chris wants to make the cake, a family tradition. So, Gary and Nick encourage their friend to throw a separate party. He plans it for when Sheila will be unavailable, and serves sno-cones and cotton candy while having an airbursh tattoo artist. [I didn't have that kind of treatment for my tenth birthday, let alone my first!]
Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC
Chris lets Ernie try a lollipop just as Sheila shows up, having been dumped by Kareem. She doesn't like Chris's cake so she orders another, upsetting everyone. Nick decides that they should text Kareem an apology from Sheila's phone, but she catches them. [of course.] Emily explains that Chris doesn't want her at the party, but Sheila thinks Chris is lonely. She even kisses him, but that's disastrous. Chris admits that he wanted to be invited to be part of the original party, and she soon leaves (with Kareem). [Sheila is even annoying to hate!]

In the smaller storyline, Gary eats something from the floor and Marny eats something from the sink, forcing them to realize that they need to shape up. They consume nothing but kale smoothies in an attempt to cleanse their systems, but by Night Four, they give up and have cake.
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