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Teen Mom 2: The End of Season 3

The third season has ended and the fourth starts up just next week. It seems pretty odd that MTV would air them back-to-back, but my theory (and that of many others around the internet) is that Jenelle and Leah have been in the tabloids so much that the airwaves need to keep viewers up a bit, because we'd otherwise be left horribly behind. Don't know what I mean? Well, Jeremy and Leah got married, she got pregnant by him AGAIN, and she is nearing delivery if she has not yet had her third daughter (the jury seems to be out on if she's already given birth). And, Jenelle married (a different guy than she's dating at the end of this season), got pregnant, miscarried, and is now considering divorce. At that point, you have to realize MTV is in a bind - they can only deliver the reality show so quickly, but the longer they wait, the less viewers will be interested. Regardless, read on for some rather old info on what the girls have been up to...
Teen Mom 2 "A Means to An End" (S03E12):
Chelsea: She checks out a daycare, and it's the webcams that win her over. She goes ahead and takes her entrance exam for beauty school, and she scores a 91% when the minimum required was 80%. [WHAT was that leopard hair??!?] Her dad is proud and watches her open the results of her GED, which she lets Aubree open. [was her dad seriously wearing a Pee-Wee Herman t-shirt??] She passes and celebrates with a luncheon party at a restaurant. 

Jenelle: She schedules a DNA test for Andrew and Jace at a company that has multiple locations, but Andrew wants to video-chat with Jace beforehand. [he looks messed up!] Jenelle, Barbara, and Andrew all hope that he's not Jace's father, but when the results come in, they're positive. Shock and disappointment all around! Andrew wants to get straight and visit Jace. In a very staged conversation, Barbara says that she's proud of Jenelle, and Jenelle says that she needs to focus on school. [hahahahaha, yeah...]

Kailyn: Isaac is turning two years old and Jo and Kailyn decide to have separate parties. [I hate how sarcastic Kailyn is with Javi.] Jo wants to introduce Vee to Kailyn, but it starts with a letter. Kailyn isn't ready to actually meet her, but she feels bad so she invites Jo to her party. [not sure how that makes up for anything.] He comes late, it's awkward, and he doesn't invite her to his family's celebration for Isaac. [Jo is in her phone as "baby daddy." and that outfit was not flattering on Kailyn.] Kailyn starts crying after Isaac blows out his candles, sad that she and Jo haven't figured out how to get along as Isaac grows up. [I found this to be an annoying scene but I'm glad they left it in. it's a prime example of why you should wait until you're in a much more committed relationship to have children.] Kailyn later tells Jo that she doesn't want Isaac thinking Vee is his mother. See, Kailyn is thinking on down the road, figuring that Isaac will want to spend the majority of his time with Jo because his family so so big and loving. [mmhmm. also, why does she leave her front door unlocked all the time?? is she too lazy to answer it whenever someone comes over??]

Leah: She tells Jeremy about her pregnancy over the phone and they talk about their plans to share the news with their families. [over the phone?? she couldn't wait??] She tells her mom about it, but she opens with "I had my IUD removed" so her mother is quite shocked when Leah gets to the big news. Leah can't figure out how to tell Corey, so she invites him inside when he drops off the girls. He takes the engagement news pretty well but had heard a rumor that she's pregnant, which she confirms by writing a "Y" on a MagnaDoodle. [cute but WAY awkward!] Corey cries and Leah is afraid that she might have lingering feelings. [I'm pretty sure the feelings will ALWAYS be there...] She considers telling him how she feels, but he tells her that he's ready to be supportive. She admits the truth anyway - that she's not ready to move on. 

Teen Mom 2 "Unseen Moments" (Special):
Chelsea: Aubree gets over-anxious to play with puppy Frankie. When Chelsea buys the jeep for Aubree's birthday, she struggles to get it into her car. [Chelsea doesn't know how to pack a car. anyone surprised?] We see her get feather extensions in her hair.

Jenelle: Jace finds Jenelle's phone after she freaks out looking for it. When Jenelle failed her second drug test, she and Barbara get into another shouting match. We see Jenelle recount her rehab experience to her lawyer. We see Barbara kick out her boyfriend, Mike, after he has a third affair. Barbara buys itching powder to make Mike think he has crabs. [this was kinda shocking. I couldn't get past how evil the woman can be!] We see a friend convince Jenelle to get Jace's paternity test done.

Kailyn: She finds out that Isaac's social skills are behind so she takes him to a children's gym to see him in action. [except she doesn't, really. at least not that we can see.] The day before Isaac's birthday is a year since Kailyn has talked to her mother. [what? I don't think that adds up completely.] Kailyn started a new job at a boutique. We see Kailyn tell Jo that she doesn't want to meet Vee until she's been in Jo's life for a year. [I feel that's a bit excessive... Isaac is going to have bonded with the woman by then!] 

Leah: Ali learns to scoot down stairs and how to say "mommy's a b!tch." [hold the phone!! what are these people teaching their kids?!?!] We see Corey buy his new truck and the girls get their first haircuts, ["you'll love this picture when you're about 18" um, Leah, that was LAST YEAR for you. hahaha. loved her nail design, though!]

Teen Mom 2
"Check Up with Dr. Drew" (Special):
Chelsea: She says it has been six months since she has "been with" Adam, but he says it's only been a few weeks. AND, they don't use protection, despite the fact that she doesn't want another baby. [um. maybe if Adam had two children to pay for, he'd get back with her. anyone else thing that's the logic she's using there?] Chelsea tries not to cry as Adam says that he's not ready to settle down yet. She also gave Adam a few thousand dollars for his truck, and in the past he's asked for other things in order for him to stay with her. [get this girl back to therapy! and WHY DOES AUBREE BITE CHEEKS??]

Jenelle: She feels stupid for her stance on the Ke$ha concert. Dr. Drew confronts Barbara about her supporting Jenelle in trying to adulterate her urine test. Barbara really likes Jenelle's new boyfriend, Gary. [don't worry, though. it won't last.] Jace's father, Andrew, comes on to say that he didn't "take off," Jenelle stopped talking to him. [hahahahaha!] He says that he doesn't care if he hit Jenelle in the past, he won't hit Jace. [famous last words.] Andrew claims that Jenelle kept him out of Jace's life, but Andrew has never sent a single gift or card. [Andrew doesn't have a leg to stand on!] And now, Andrew can't go to North Carolina because there's a warrant out for him being $3,000 behind in child support. [hahahahaha!]

Kailyn: She's having a sexual relationship with Javi, but she has an IUD to prevent pergnancy. She still wants to move to Texas. She still doesn't find Vee's actions appropriate. [can't blame her with that twitter thing!] The current custody arrangement gives Kailyn and Joe equal time with Isaac but the days switch so both have weekend time with their son. [that sounds pretty fair.]

Leah: She has a miscarriage at eight weeks. She still thinks she's ready for another child, but she's now on birth control. She wants a sense of family but having baby after baby isn't the answer. Leah still wants the family in counseling, she's unsure about her engagement to Jeremy, and the audience wants Leah and Corey to reconcile. [I thought it was REALLY awkward of Dr. Drew to put it to a vote like that! how unprofessional!]
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