Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Two Moves and Two Crises

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This season is just flying by! And, sadly, the girls' lives are getting less and less interesting. In this episode (mid-semester for Jenelle and likely around Christmas for Chelsea), Jenelle moves out of Josh's (already!) and Leah looks for a new place for her and the girls (and possibly Jeremy). The number of moves that these ladies go through astounds me. I lived in a residence hall all four years of college and still hated to box everything up and put it into storage once a year! Elsewhere, one of Chelsea's two dogs is killed by a neighbor's pet and Kailyn's mother comes around to see Isaac, only she avoids Kailyn to deal only with Jo. First, I thought that Chelsea only bought one dog? Second, I am SO SICK of Kailyn's mother drama. I think everyone in that family needs to read up on Grandparent rights, because it's a sticky situation. I imagine it's only going to get worse, too...

Teen Mom 2 "A New Direction" (S03E08):
Jenelle: She and Josh break up amicably and she needs a new place to live, so she crashes with her friend Amber, a single mother of a six-month-old. Jenelle convinces Amber that maybe they could get a new place together and they find a place and move in, which Barbara actually thinks is a smart idea. [I always wonder how these situations would play out in real life... how often do single parents live together like Kate & Allie?] Jenelle also reveals to Barbara that she has withdrawn from all of her courses. [after a certain point you have to question her transcript...]

Leah: She and her mother go look at places and she finds one to suit her family. [does she need four bedrooms? though $725/month sounds like a good price for the space.] Jeremy mentions that he was thinking of living together. [how long have they been dating? three months??]
Kailyn: She stops getting excited about the idea of moving to Texas when Jo says that a boy needs to see his father. The bigger issue, however, was that, while Kailyn was out of town, her mother visited Jo's house to see Isaac. [say whaaaat??] Kailyn tells him never to let the woman see Isaac again but he doesn't have a problem with it as long as it's at his place and the woman is respectful. [fine line here...] Her friend lets her use his phone to call her mother (she blocked Kailyn long ago), and Suzy says that she doesn't needs Kailyn's permission to see Isaac. Kailyn then tells Jo to notify her if Suzy ever shows up again. [think there's gonna be a fight?]

Chelsea: She's worried about passing her math practice test, but she misses it anyway when one of her two dogs is attacked. See, she let them out and it took her a while to get Darla back, though Frankie ran around the house and a neighbor's husky got him. [horrifying, right??] The police tell her she should have had it on a leash. [well, yeah.] When Chelsea makes up the practice test, she gets the exact minimum required to pass. [cutting it a little close... wonder if she could do it again.]
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