Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2 Broke Girls: Andy's Birthday Leads to Problems

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Andy's an Eagle Scout. Not the most exciting fact, but you might as well know it because it wasn't demonstrated during their camping trip (I thought maybe he'd have to do more than light a fire) and the fact that he and Caroline are no longer a couple will probably stop us from learning about him for a while. I doubt he'll be gone, though, as he still has the shoppe across the alley, and we all know that Max will continue to want some freebies. I don't think this was a great episode, possibly because it took place largely outside of the bar and with very little dialogue from Earl, Han, Oleg, and Sophie. Yes, it was sweet for Earl to put in a "Max's Homemade Cupcakes" card (and to remove a few others to improve the girls' chances), and seeing Sophie try to draw her own card was amusing, but there were just so many issues with the rest of the plotline that I was unhappy. Caroline acting like she's on vacation with "just Andy" and "just Max" at the same time didn't play off as comically as one would expect, and even "the bears" didn't truly offer much in the way of hilarity. At least they were original! What was your favorite part of the episode?

2 Broke Girls "And the Bear Truth" (S02E13): The girls wait on a potential wedding customer, but Max thinks the woman may just be searching for free samples. So, they ask her a few questions, then decide to believe her when her fiance joins her. [how awkward! why wouldn't you want to believe the person is a potential customer? If that's the case, charge for a testing and consultation!] Caroline struggles to let go of the client and keeps freaking out until they receive an email asking for quotes on a wedding cupcake cake and a groom's cupcake cake for 300 guests. [who gets a groom's cake for the entire guest list? isn't that a guy thing or something? I've never actually been to a wedding where a groom's cake was utilized, have you?]

At the diner, Han gives away a weekend vacation from the fishbowl of business cards, and the girls win! Caroline accidentally invites Andy along, which only becomes more awkward when the cabin is not a suite and the bed hangs from the ceiling. The girls hit up the sauna to relax, meeting two "bears" celebrating their "maniversary" in the next cabin over. [yeah, I know. odd words.] The dermatologist and astrophysicist appear again when Max needs refuge from Caroline and Andy's arguing. Not only was dinner "only for two," causing Andy and Caroline to fight over who should eat with Max, but Caroline forgets it's Andy's birthday, making Max wish she were anywhere else. [I did find it inappropriate that he'd ask Max to go hang out with another couple who is having a "romantic weekend" so that he and Caroline could do the same.] 
Andy asks her where he fits in Caroline's life, but she talks mostly business goals, so he leaves. [reminded me of that Coach episode where Hayden leaves out Christine from his life plans.] Back in the city, Caroline apologizes, but Andy breaks up with her.
Cupcakery Savings Total: $900.00. [how did they make $800? down payment from the bride?]
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