Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HIMYM: Robin's Dad Now Lives in NYC

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Welcome to the party, Robin's dad! He's not what I expected, but it seems that the writers meant for that to be the case. Aside from meeting the tough-guy-turned-Parrothead, the main thing we learned in this episode is that "the mother" will be the bass player in the last-minute replacement band that plays at Barney and Robin's wedding. I'm not too incredibly surprised, though I was taken aback at how mature Barney is being. I understand that the audience is to believe that he has changed his ways and is settling down and everything, but part of me just doesn't want to believe it. The other part, of course, is dying for the return of Barney's brother, who will definitely be part of the episodes leading up to the wedding, right? RIGHT??  

How I Met Your Mother "Band or DJ?" (S08E13): If you were afraid that the show would drag out Barney and Robin's engagement, worry no longer: the date has been set for May 25th, 2013. Robin's choice to ask Ted for help planning the occasion infuriates Lily, but it's really only a momentary concern because the bigger issue is that Barney did not get Robin's father's permission to marry her, despite how outdated that idea might be. [readers, how did this tradition impact your own lives? it was a non-issue for me.] So, the newly engaged couple heads off the meet Robin's dad for lunch, as he apparently moved to New York eight months ago and has a new woman in his life, Carol, the dental hygienist. [pretending not to be engaged yet. how cliche is that??] Had Robin accepted her father's facebook request, she would have known about the move and the marriage. [lol at the others telling Robin that she shouldn't accept anyway.]
Cliff Lipson/CBS
When Barney gets a moment without Robin, he does ask for her father's permission, though he turns him down. He tries again the next day with dark hair, as the guy believes that grown men aren't blonde. [whaaat??] Now, Robin's father talks about how he had to kill a bear to propose to Robin's mother, so Barney needs to shoot a rabbit. [this guy is ridiculous!] Barney can't go through with it, but Robin steps in and says he doesn't have to - if her father can marry without her knowing, she doesn't have to keep him abreast of her plans, either. [sad but true.] Of course, her father thinks that divorcing Carol will make his daughter happy, but they wind up compromising for him to dance with her at her wedding, though Carol will sing "Cheeseburger in Paradise." [still very odd.]

While this is going on, Marshall and Lily deal with a constipated Marvin and Ted tries to convince Robin and Barney to get a DJ, even though they want a band. [haha at Marshall assuming Barney has cameras in their bathroom. but confetti? still made for a disgusting scene at the end!] Ted goes as far as booking their first-choice band so it wouldn't be available, though Lily figures it out and forces Ted to admit that he still wants Robin to himself. [AFTER ALL THIS TIME??] Lily helps soften the blow of admitting the truth, however, when she says that she sometimes wants to leave motherhood because she never has time for art anymore. [um... I think Lily needs to talk to someone. is there a PPD special coming up?]  
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