Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teen Mom 2: Kailyn & Chelsea Dumped, Jenelle & Leah Start Over

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So we have a few new developments with the girls this episode, which is nice. I get tired of how so many of the shows only give an update or two as the other girls are pretty status quo. This time around, however, Chelsea both studies for more GED tests AND gets dumped by Adam, Jenelle throws Jace a second birthday AND finds out she can give parole another shot, Leah starts dating Jeremy AND begins her college career, and Kailyn enjoys some girl time AND gets dumped by Jordan. I can't expect this sort of greatness every episode (because, let's face it, these aren't really the greatest updates anyway), but they're nice changes. Whose news were you most surprised to hear? I'm thinking Jenelle getting out of jail time.

Teen Mom 2 "Second Chances" (S03E05):
Jenelle: She makes a pact with her friend that neither will smoke weed anymore. [any bets on how long THAT will last?] She writes a letter to her probation officer about how she wants to stay clean and out of jail, and her plea is actually accepted. Jace turns two years old and they play with a slip-n-slide. [who opens presents THEN decorates THEN eats cake?]
I couldn't not share this. I saw it plastered around Facebook
this week and just about died laughing.
Kailyn: The new custody arrangement is working out and even gives Kailyn a chance to have some time with her friends. But, Jordan doesn't fully trust her after she cheated on him with Jo, so after she asks him for a break, he decides to start hanging out with another girl, completely forgetting their plans. [that's rough]

Chelsea: Adam tells her that it's not working out and she should blame her dad, but he just tells her to move on to someone who treats her better. [truth.] She's lonely as she studies for her GED so she decides to get a French bulldog puppy from a breeder, which she names, "Frankie." [why do people think that dogs will solve all of their problems??] 

Leah: She starts talking with Jeremy online and that quickly escalates to giving him her number and then going to ride go-karts together. [how awkward must it be to hear that your first date with a girl you only know online is going to be filmed for cable tv?] He works on pipelines so he works out-of-town. Her mom's friend watches the girls so Leah can go to her first day of classes, where she feels awkward for not knowing anyone. [yeah, well. that happens. you meet people.] But, Jeremy sent flowers to the classroom building so that brightens her day. [how did the guy in the hallway know they were for her?? the logistics of delivering and picking up flowers in a random office are strange.]
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