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Teen Mom 2: Life Changes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Sometimes I don't understand MTV's thought process. If you have enough material that you're making 3+ 90-minute episode in a twelve-episode season, maybe you need to suck it up and make the season longer. And why, oh why, do we have the "unseen moments" before we have the finale? This isn't even the first time this has happened, and they include moments that would go along with an episode that we haven't even seen yet! Sure, it's good promotion... but when you air TWO AND A HALF HOURS of new material in a week, I'm not really thrilled with looking at what's going to happen next week! It's just a LOT... I can't be alone in this, right? Now, we actually managed to have some things happen to the four girls this episode, most likely because they had so much time to do something. Jenelle made the life change to go to a thirty-day rehab across the country in the hopes of getting clean. Kailyn tries to have a better relationship with Jo for Isaac's sake, but this seem to be getting a little romantic between them again. Chelsea FINALLY does some work toward her GED, even if it's only passing the writing portion of the practice test. And Leah takes a giant leap in filing for divorce. I'm happy for Chelsea and Jenelle, but notsomuch for Kailyn and Leah. I wonder why Leah admitted to cheating on Corey... why not just lie? And Kailyn... maybe she just needs to work on thinking a little more clearly before she does/says things?

Teen Mom 2 "Falling" (S02E11):
Jenelle - she can still talk on the phone to her friends on probation, she just can't see them. [interesting.] That's not enough to keep her calm though, and she and Barbara get into yet another argument. Then she realizes that talking on the phone won't be enough to sustain her and Kieffer for a year, so she breaks up with him. [never saw that lasting anyway.] This leaves her with even less in her life, and she tells Barbara that she's struggling without friends, Kieffer, or drugs. Barbara suggests rehab, so Jenelle talks to her lawyer about some programs. We also see her talk to an old friend (Amber) about going for treatment. [what was the point of that scene?] She gets the judge's permission to go to a rehab center in California, and she'll have a scholarship to cover the expenses. [I didn't realize they offered scholarships to get clean. I wonder what you have to do to qualify?] She'll be gone for at least thirty days, and says that she'll miss Jace a lot. [why does she suddenly have her wrist all taped ?] Barbara asks her to call when she arrives. 

- Jo wants to see Isaac on Wednesdays now, too, since he has the option. [I'm cool with that.] Apparently he's spending a lot of time recording on the weekends, so he isn't with Isaac as much as he'd want to be. [that explains a few things.] Jordan isn't cool with the idea that Jo and Isaac would be with Kailyn with nobody else there. [oh. so Jordan has trust issues, too. figures.] Kailyn accidentally tells Jo that she loves him when he leaves. [wow. big oops!] He tells his brother that he's going to drop the child support issue - all the time and money involved isn't worth it. [...I bet it would be, if he was sure he could get it lowered, LoL. Maybe he wants to lock in that price before they'd try to get him to pay more when his music career takes odd?] He tells Kailyn about this the second Wednesday that he sees Isaac, and she says that she appreciates it. After they put Isaac to bed, Jo stays... [and I just sat there shaking my head!]

Photo by MTV
Chelsea - She's starting GED prep again, and realizes that she's only confident in two of the five subject areas - reading and writing. She tells her dad that she needs to take a class. [I assume she wants him to pay for it?] Chelsea doesn't know how to write a check, so her dad helps her out on her first one - rent to him. [hahaha. I love that her dad guessed what the pattern on her checks would be!]  She meets with a GED counselor who tells her that she can take the practice test to get a feel for how she'd do, then either take the prep or take the real thing. Her mom takes Aubree overnight so she can study, and she passes the writing part so she plans to take the real test in that subject area later that week. [good for her! how long do you have to take the entire test?] Adam calls - his parents are going out of town and he wants to have Aubree overnight, but Chelsea worries about what might happen. [I'm honestly surprised that he'd want to have her without his parents there to assist...] 

- Corey asks Leah if she slept with another guy just before the wedding, since he heard a rumor. She admits to it, and to wearing her ring throughout the encounter. Corey is heartbroken, but points out that this has happened multiple times now. [poor Corey. he's not the greatest guy ever, but I think that he's really tried to make things work. how many times has she cheated on him now, like four?] Leah apologizes and says that she loves him. Leah wants to work things out, but he's not answering her calls. She and the girls are staying with her mom, and her mom is surprised that Leah cheated on Corey. Meanwhile, Corey tells his dad about Leah buying a trailer without him seeing it, plus he's thinking of filing for divorce because the trust issues are back. His dad supports his decision. Leah tells one of her friends about the cheating thing, and they find out that Corey has a lawyer. [all of a sudden Leah is telling everyone?] She's worried about custody and takes a day off work so she can find a lawyer. [couldn't she look them up at night and call one on her lunch break or something? the girl only works like one day a week, she should really try and keep her job...] She makes an appointment for the following day, and her stepdad goes with her. [haha at one of the girls trying to drink from a bottle of tea and spilling it on herself.] It looks like Corey hasn't filed yet, so Leah does, in order to "be in the driver's seat." She's asked a few times if she's sure, and she keeps saying that she knows he doesn't want to be with her. [six months is such a short time to be married. how sad.]

Teen Mom 2
"Unseen Moments" (Special):
- She helps her mom make some holiday goodies that don't rise correctly. [Barbara seemed to want to be sure the cameras caught her saying that she normally makes them better than this.] We see another useless Jenelle and Kieffer scene. Barbara takes Jenelle out for Mother's Day and Jenelle learns that babies aren't awesome at going out to eat. A sneak peek about the next episode with her in rehab, where she smokes cigarettes and rides a horse. [oh good, cigarettes. just what AddictionGirl needs.]

- We see Jo on stage. Isaac tries a day care situation of sorts at the college that doesn't really work out. [I don't really understand what they were going for, but whatever.] Kailyn brings Jordan to see a psychic about the future of their relationship, and she immediately wants to know more... she's also afraid she'll get addicted to psychics. [addicted to psychics.... hahahahaha!]

Chelsea - Chelsea takes Aubree for her first dental checkup. [did we know that Chelsea's dad is a dentist?] We see Chelsea complain to her dad some more about being without Adam. [this wasn't an unseen moment, MTV. we've seen the same thing ten times.] She and her friend do a workout video at home dressed like they're from the 80s, and Chelsea talks about joining a gym. She brings a different guy (Austin) home to meet her dad. [did he not last? why didn't they put him in the show to make it look like Chelsea can actually move on from Adam?]

- Leah took Corey horseback riding. [that was kind of an amusing scene.] Then we see part of their honeymoon in a cabin. She and a friend go to tour a university to have a tour and get some information about a program in the medical field. We also see Leah and Corey have some issues earlier on.
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