Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monday Mornings: Don't Harvest Organs too Quickly!

Let's not lie... I was not in love with this episode. I did find it interesting that the Morbidity & Morality (M&M) conferences will feature cases beyond those where the patient died. But, beyond that, this episode offered some uninteresting fodder. Dr. Robidaux showed up on the scene, as did Dr. Tierney. I didn't particularly care for either of them, and my feelings toward the Ridgeway-Wilson relationship are almost indifferent. Villanueva is emerging as my favorite character, with Park fulfilling the opposite of that. This episode was designed to really show a more human side to Hooten, but I can't say it won me over at all... I mean do YOU really like him more now that you've seen him shave his head at a patient's request?

Monday Mornings "Deus ex Machina" (S01E02): Ridgeway is called to the stand during an M&M conference. Her resident, Robidaux, was supposed to explain the risks to the patient then operate. Robidaux had assisted on the procedure dozens of times, but a side effect later presents itself, proving that the more senior surgeon should have taken charge in this case. See, the patient was a chef who now has no sense of smell. Plus, the hospital is being sued.

A thirteen-year-old girl doesn't want brain surgery, but without it she will die. She has extensively researched her condition and has had unsuccessful surgeries in the past. Hooten thinks that Park didn't explain the risks very well to the parents so he talks to the patient, who is a pianist who first "heard God" in a sonata. [and that's why her mother took her for her first doctor's appointment... how 'bout them apples??] She's writing an opera and wants to spend the remainder of her time doing what she loves, seeing the next few months as a lifetime. [really? at 13? such an interesting (and mature) stance.] Hooten has Villanueva come to bully the parents, as he couldn't bully the teen, but the father stands by his daughter. So, Hooten, Park, and Villanueva again talk to the girl, and she decides to go through with it. [why didn't the family just leave the hospital at this point??] Before the procedure, the girl asks Hooten if he'll cry if she dies. [holy awkward, Batman!] He tells her that he doesn't have time to cry for every lost patient, but she has touched his heart and that will make him cry. She says that Hooten would make her smile if he shaves his head, and he does. [and she doesn't even see it until AFTER the surgery!]

A patient comes in with severe abdominal pain that has spread to her chest. Most doctors are stumped so Napur asks for Villanueva to consult. He quickly deduces that it's trichinosis. Because Lieberman didn't think Villanueva could solve the case, he owes Napur $200... and tries to pay her in gift cards. [so weird. I mean, he's doing more with his life than donating plasma and hitting casinos! (both of which pay you in giftcards, if you didn't know).]

A guy who is missing half his head is an organ donor, so a transplant surgeon, Tierney, begins making arrangements to operate. But, the patient must be declared dead first. Robidaux performs an exam, indicating that the patient is still competent. He later dies and six people benefit from the organs, but Tierney's attitude toward the guy while he was living really hurts the patient's mother.

photo: Doug Hyun
Plus,  Tierney is called to the stand in a M&M conference over his breach in protocol - he had operations ready to go before the patient died. [dang!]

Wilson sees his dead son in his dreams and can't shake images from running through his head during the workday, either. We're left on a cliffhanger with this one, though... after re-examining Quinn's case again, he calls Quinn's mother, but we don't see what happens after that.
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