Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Jace's Father, Isaac's Haircut, Adam's Birthday, Leah's Engagement

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

How young to children normally have their first haircut? I was four, but Isaac being two seems a bit old, no? As per the usual, just when Chelsea stops whining about Adam for a few episodes, she proceeds to have a breakdown when she thinks about him. Please go back to therapy. I was surprised in Leah's engagement but even more surprised by her pregnancy (when I pretend that I didn't already know that), and especially her desire to have five children with no education. I guess this means that she won't be returning to school in the near future after all. And then there's Jenelle... if she hadn't done everything in the book to lose credibility by now (including, but not limited to, preferring a Ke$ha concert to her legal responsibilities, refusing to stop smoking weed, stealing her mother's credit card, and harboring a fugitive), surely someone would lose all interest in her now that she's mentioned that she's not sure who Jace's father actually is. I imagine we'll get the answer soon, and perhaps even an Andrew appearance on Dr. Drew...

Teen Mom 2 "Breakdown" (S03E10):
Jenelle: She takes Jace to a children's museum with a few of her friends. [her friends did a puppet show of her drama with Amber?? why not something kid-appropriate?? and why can't she ever go someplace alone with her son?] Andrew calls her but Jenelle reveals that there's a second guy who might actually be Jace's father, so she wants a paternity test. [wouldn't that then excuse Andrew of the years of child support that are unpaid? and I'm appalled that Andrew couldn't remember how old Jace was!!] 

Kailyn: A guy from bowling (who is in school for criminal justice) asks Kailyn to go out to eat, and she soon introduces him to Isaac because if they don't get along, it's not going to work. [reasonable but awkward.] Kailyn and Jo take Isaac for his first haircut. [why did Jo go if he doesn't care?]
Chelsea: Adam turns 21 and Chelsea gets really upset about it. She moves and takes her final two GED tests. [I found it hilarious that she kept saying "what if I'm done?!?" um, then you get to move on and start classes. plain and simple.]

Leah: Jeremy and Leah go away for a weekend just after the girls' birthday. They use the hot tub, in the morning he makes her breakfast, and then he proposes. [whoa.] She calls her mom, who is supportive. [really? hasn't it only been a few months??] They talk about having another child before long, which works for Leah, who gets her IUD removed and immediately has nausea. [I appreciated that her friend suggested she not rush things, but I guess that's not in the cards.] end says that Leah shouldn't rush things. She's been nauseous and finds out that she's pregnant.
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