Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Everybody is Moving

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Really? All four girls have moving issues in the same episode? Another reason why having children young is a problem... some of these girls move multiple times each year, creating such upheaval in their little ones' lives! Kailyn's lease is up, and she seems to be able to handle rent without assistance now, so good for her. Leah always needed a place closer to civilization for Ali's sake, so a good move there. Jenelle's roommate is moving out very shortly after they started living together, though I'm not that surprised - they didn't seem very close to become good, respectful roommates. And Chelsea just doesn't want to live near a mean dog, so she asks her daddy nicely to get her a new place and he does. There has been no talk of a fourth season for this show, and I kinda hope that they call it quits. Have you been interested lately?

Teen Mom 2 "Half Empty and Half Full" (S03E09):
Leah: It's only been two months, but Leah and Jeremy move in together. [WHOA!] She withdraws from school so she can spend more time on Ali's needs, against the advice of her counselor. The girls turn two, have a party, and receive a Power Wheel from Leah. 
Kailyn: Her lease is ending and she's considering moving about twenty minutes away to Whitehall, PA. Jo is fine with the distance, so she finds a place with a fenced yard and begins talking about potty-training Isaac. Jo agrees on that, too. Her friends think that she should get a dog in her new place, but she's more concerned about a new boyfriend after bowling with some friends. [why are these people so hung up on getting pets??]

Jenelle: Kieffer just spent four months in a Maryland prison and will need to serve 6-8 more months in North Carolina. Still, he spends two days with Jenelle before turning himself in, though that's against her parole agreement. She starts caring about her parole when Amber's boyfriend (another parolee) starts hanging around and she's questioned about him on a parole visit. Amber doesn't want to change her life, so moves out. [I don't have words!] Jenelle's friend, Hannah, moves in, and helps Jenelle move some of Amber's stuff into the yard, then spy on Amber as she moves. [what's with Jenelle's arm cast?] Jenelle demands her hoodie back from Amber, and, needless to say, they do not part amicably.

: Her mother gets her a new puppy to help her feel better, so she promptly hits her father up for a move to a nicer place with a fenced yard. He agrees to cosign, as long as Adam doesn't live there. She still fights that a bit, but then she's off to look at places and quickly finds one she loves. [are all of these girls easy to please? I've only house-hunted three times and struggled with each! though I did LOVE my graduate school townhouse from the moment we toured it...] Also, she's continuing to potty-train Aubree. 
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