Tuesday, November 13, 2012


by Amy K. Bredemeyer

As we dive into another season with the four moms and their toddlers, I'm really confronted with the many differences between these girls and the ones from Teen Mom. Here, we have one who has no HS diploma (in Teen Mom there was Amber), three who might want to get back with their babydaddy (as opposed to only Catelynn on Teen Mom), two unemployed mothers (Amber and Maci seemed to be rarely working and Farrah hardly ever worked), and only one who lives on her own (as opposed to all four girls on Teen Mom, albeit Maci lived with Kyle for a long time). Leah has a baby with health concerns, something Teen Mom didn't have to depict. Overall, the storylines here are just very different. I guess we're supposed to be rooting for Jenelle to regain custody of Jace, Chelsea to finish her degree and be able to provide for Aubree, Leah and Corey to reunite, and Kailyn to make it on her own, but I'm hard-pressed to cheer on Jenelle (don't have much hope for her), Leah (not sure what she's gonna be able to do with her life now), and Chelsea (I just struggle to understand people who don't take education seriously). Not counting what we know in real life (like Leah being married and pregnant again), what do you think will be showcased this season?

Teen Mom 2 "Walk the Line" (S03E01): No solid markers for when this episode takes place, but Jenelle is recently back from rehab and she's in summer classes

Jenelle: She passed her first drug test since being home from rehab but is fearful she'll fail the second, as she took a few hits of weed and is now trying to come up with a way to "clean her system." [who wants to bet she'll end up in jail like Amber?] She enrolled in summer classes and will be watching Jace on Saturdays, so she tries for a job at a daycare, where she says in the interview that she never yells. [maybe not at the kids but she certainly at her mom!] 

Kailyn: She works in a boutique now and Isaac has been in daycare for 45 days. His progress report notes that he’s not social and his language skills are lacking. [why Kailyn doesn't consider bringing this up with Isaac's pediatrician is beyond me.] Because of what happened with Jordan, she now wants to wait a long time before introducing Isaac to any other gentleman callers. [smart!] Jo has a music video posted online now, and Kailyn has heard rumors that Jo is dating a girl from the video, so she confronts Jo about the girl being around Isaac.

Leah: She still wants to work out things with Corey, who meets her for Ali's latest doctor's appointment. [If the girl can't stop sleeping around, I don't know what to tell ya. It seems like she wants Corey to be more lenient with her.] The latest is that Ali is healthy, just developmentally delayed. They believe that she will walk eventually.
photo by MTV
Chelsea: She wants to find a job as a receptionist or something that would allow her to see Aubree more. She has four GED tests left to go. She and Adam go out to dinner with Aubree but the little girl just carries on and they have to leave before they eat. They decide that they’re “exclusive,” thought they don’t define the specifics of her relationship. [eye roll!]
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