Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teen Mom 2: Break-Ups, Rehab, the GED...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, I don't think I care much about these girls anymore at this point. They've all had their interesting moments (notsomuch with Chelsea, but definitely with the others), but it's really wound down a lot at this point. Especially since the televised episodes takes place so long after the action... nobody was surprised over Jenelle's arrests or Leah's divorce. These are things that we already knew were going to happen on the show, because we've read about them in the news. Similarly, when Teen Mom finally comes back again (it was originally supposed to be back last month), we already know a lot of the things that will be covered in Amber's storyline, and a few things about Farrah have been leaked here and there, too. I've suggested before that we only focus on certain moms and combine the two series, but now I'm thinking more of a two-hour special twice a year would be more appropriate. The bulk of the things that take place this past season for several of the moms could have been condensed a LOT, so why are we dragging it out? Anyway, that's my two cents. Below we see a short special that my DVR managed to pick up, as well as the final official episode in the second season. I'm sure it'll end up running another week or two so we can hear from Dr. Drew and all.

Teen Mom 2 "Baby Talk" (Special): The four moms and their babies are all together, looking at moments with the children. [haha at Jenelle talking about packing up a kid to go grocery shopping... does anyone believe she does that? I thought it was cute to see Aubree pushing a pug in a doll stroller... though that kid is cute even when she's crying!] Isaac learns to walk with Jo's mom speaking Spanish in the background. [Jace playing in the sprinkler was interesting... I've never heard a child be so silent while getting wet, LoL.] The moms talk about the different stuff they like to do with the kids. [Leah has different hair here... not the weird crimped style with bangs. I laughed at the idea that Jenelle doesn't curse around her child all of the time.] We hear Ali talk a little. Otherwise, this was a big waste of editing.

Teen Mom 2 "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (S02E12): [I liked the ending with the music over the scenes and stills with the warm lighting effects.]

: Finals are coming up, but she's thinking about Jo, with whom she "went too far" last time he was over. She tells a friend and says that she wants to tell Jordan. We see Jo tell his brother that he and Kailyn had sex in the shower. [yep! that certainly qualifies as "going too far" !!] When Kailyn brings it up to Jordan, he doesn't take it so well, and leaves. [is his laundry at her place? why?] She doesn't think that they'll be able to get back together, so she decides to try things with Jo again. Except, he doesn't want a girlfriend, which leaves her crying. [I'm kinda glad Jo said "no." If you toy with two guys at the same time, you deserve neither.]

: She gets to Malibu Horizon and has her stuff searched. She does a urine test (positive), gets introduced around, and learns the rules, like no cell phones or computers for the first two weeks of the 30-day program. No talking about scoring drugs, either. [I laughed that this was actually a rule. I guess I would have assumed it would be understood, LoL.] Jenelle says that she doesn't have a problem with weed, it's just that she isn't allowed to smoke it for a while. [cue a simultaneous eye roll here!] She talks to multiple doctors/therapists, and we learn that her brother is bipolar/schizophrenic. [whoa. hold the phone. Jenelle has a brother? since when? I can't recall anything about him previously...] Jenelle fills out a questionnaire and it looks like she might be bipolar, too. We also learn that Barbara has always suspected that Jenelle may be bipolar. [she never thought that a diagnosis could help?] Jenelle starts taking some anti-anxiety meds, but her real problem is that she's "really bored." When asked for three words to describe herself, she uses "impulsive," "smart," and "angry." [I love that the girl thinks she's smart... how many times has she failed her online classes now? three? four? more?] For three things she'd like to be, she chooses "happy," "caring," and "affectionate." ["affectionate" was a strange one for me... she hugs. What is she hoping for?] She complains about how much it sucks that she got to smoke marijuana every single day for six years and now she has to stop. When she gets her outside-world privileges, she finds that  Kieffer's been trying to reach her... he wants to get back together. [of course. better.not.happen!] Barbara describes her ideal relationship with Jenelle to be that they'd get along and that she'd be more involved with Jace. Barbara says that Jace is attached to her, so he needs to learn who Jenelle is. This makes Jenelle upset, since it makes her feel like she's nothing to Jace. [do we need to go back and look at her episode of 16 and Pregnant where she couldn't wait until Jace was three weeks old so she could dump him in daycare to "focus on her social life" ??] Her last few days in rehab have her doing yoga and skyping with Barbara and Jace. When she's released, she's told that her bipolar will be worsened with drugs or alcohol. [who wants to bet that won't really stop her? and, by that, we already know she won't stay clean...] When she gets home, Barbara and Jace meet her.

Chelsea: She takes the writing GED and passes. She says that she isn't anxious to start school, she's anxious to get done. [she has no interest in learning to do what she wants??] Her mom tells her that she's going to a car show to try and meet a man, and invites Chelsea along. She and Aubree go, but Adam is there, which makes her want to leave. [you know, since it's been a whopping month since she's seen him, which isn't nearly enough time for her to get over him.] Adam comes over to see Aubree for a bit, and Chelsea goes with them for a ride in the truck. [that Aubree sure can't stand Adam!] Chelsea asks him if he's seeing anyone and what their relationship should be. [I couldn't believe she asked him either question. She's so bad at thinking ahead as far as how someone else's possible responses could affect her!] He says they should be friends. She tells her mom that it felt so good to be a "family" in the truck. Of course, he mom warns her, but she still goes off on a motorcycle ride with Adam (sans helmets). [They have a KID! Where is their responsibility?!?!]
Photo by MTV

: Her lawyer told her not to have any contact with Corey, so she's been at her mom's for a week. Corey finds out IN THE NEWSPAPER that Leah filed for divorce. [okay, who's amused that Corey reads the paper to find out who is getting divorced? Now, who is amused that Corey reads the paper at all?] Corey calls his dad to tell him, then takes off his wedding band. [:(] Leah's parents are going to loan her the money for the trailer. [this girl is going to need to start working more than one day a week if she thinks she can support two children!] Her friend is going to live with her, too. [these situations haven't really worked out well yet...] Corey texts to ask if he can have the girls for the weekend, but Leah tells him that they need to work this out with their lawyers. Leah's mom just got pictures in the mail from Leah's wedding, which makes her cry. [duh.] Someone from Leah's lawyer's office calls and gives her the schedule of how she'll hand over the girls for a day and a half and when she can go collect her belongings from Corey's place. Leah's still wearing her rings... the band has the girls' names engraved. Two weeks since Leah saw Corey, she drops off the girls at the lawyer's office, to Corey and his dad. [Aleeah is walking now!] Leah cries when she drops them off, since she hasn't been away from the girls in a really long time. ["How did you feel when you saw Corey?"  was the most staged question EVER.] They divvy up their stuff, and Corey pretty much tells her to take what she needs, except the microwave. [that was pretty mature of him, though a bit confusing... I guess he just wants to put this behind him.] To split-up the washer and dryer, Corey first suggests that they put it in "disputed items," but she suggests they each take one, and she asks for the washer. He reluctantly takes the dryer, since he knows he'll end up needing to get appliances before the "disputed items" is settled anyway. [anyone in their right mind would take a washer! It's much easier to air-dry clothing than it is to hand-wash it!] Leah gets really emotional as she leaves for the last time.[well, yeah.]
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